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Whole department mark matchs parameter of part of A3 of ESP strange luck first e

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[The domestic news of the car] appear on the market as strange luck A3 of time go gradually asymptotic, the consumer attention to litter of home of this the 3rd generation spends ceaseless also promotion, and the core technology parameter of A3, it is the central point that made attention of inside and outside of course of study more. Recently, the branch got the parameter of A3 of a strange luck is expressed related reporter Cong Jirui, before contrasting pass through inside course of study " 3 acting home litter are divisional standard " , discover not hard, from the point of each respect such as motivation, dimension, batholith, configuration, strange luck A3 all belongs to the 3rd acting home litter, saying exactly is the high-quality goods in belonging to the 3rd acting home litter. The A3 2.0 of strange luck of domestic strange luck of the car The A3 1.8 of strange luck of domestic strange luck of the car Strange luck A3 is truckload dimension: Grow 4352mm × wide 1794mm × tall 1464mm, nearly 1.8 meters car is wide comparative with the intermediate car dimension of a lot of standards, make whole automobile body is moved not only move is very, have the 3rd acting home litter more take intimacy and dimensional move, at the same time A3 absorbed the whole world newest 6 designs style: Famous stylist of famous design firm holds international personally knife design, truckload exterior is provided more cosmopolitan and more internationalization; Design of type of an organic whole of the face before form of large size U and hind end U form designs echo each other at a distance, add genteel line before headlight formed the face before having driving concussion sex; The postern handle modelling of European popularity, more show truckload of Ou Shifeng case high-grade; The car is in-house dynamoelectric adjustment seat, waist of the person that take is propped up and the sex wrapping Fu of side direction also has level extremely; Ou Jiya sends interior trim, dial of refined appearance of Europe type style, increasing visibility while, more convenient drive, and reveal high quality feel with motion, the station controls in feeling of science and technology, control key-press and knob are arranged carefully and nearly and human nature, the metal with bright brilliant acts the role of casing to be adorned moderately; Whole department uses tire of 205/55R16 large size, more clear campaign style.

Wide × of long × of dimension of dynamical assembly 1.6-MT 1.8-MT and quality is tall (Mm) 1794 × of 4352 × 1464 wheelbase (Mm) 2550 tread (before / after) (Mm) quality of 1540/1530 reorganize and outfit (Kg) engine of ACTECO-SQR481FD ACTECO-SQR481FC of model of engine of engine of 205/55R16 of 1395 tire norms: Suspension of independence of Mai Fuxun type, head stable staff, columnar helix bedspring, vibrating absorber of two-way action barrel type
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