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Car price is a bit high, is the fare that raise a car low buy value of mixture m

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"Green Olympic Games " one of themes that are Beijing Olympic Games, reflected Chinese government to develop the determination of clean the sources of energy. As we have learned, at present China had built the new car environment such as the formal approve with environmental protection and examination of consistency of environmental protection production to run a system, and Beijing took the lead in carrying out Ⅳ of motor vehicle country to discharge a standard in the whole nation 2008. To consumer, how much to understand to mixing car of dynamical environmental protection at present, how many person is willing again is floriferous money bought? Undertook investigating for this reporter.

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(Data picture: This cropland thinks of region to mix motivation)

The attention of mixture motor vehicle is nodded it is the price

In investigation the reporter discovers, the crucial essential factor that affects prospect of market of mixture motivation car is the price. The consumer of wait-and-see to hold attitude undertakes analytic discovering, think mixture motivation car compares the price that is the same as car of class fuel power many they can accept twenty-five thousand eight hundred yuan, if tower above this price, will consider to mix dynamical car no longer.

Additional, the acceptable price of different townsman also has bigger difference, beijing resident wants the fund of overpay is top, it is thirty-seven thousand one hundred yuan, xi'an dweller lowest, be willing to compare the overpay of fuel power car that is the same as class only eleven thousand eight hundred yuan will buy mixture motivation car. 

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(Data picture: General Jun Yue mixes steam on motivation)

At present price of mixture motor vehicle has a place tall

And understand according to the reporter, at present the price of the mixture motivation car on Chinese market is compared with price of class fuel motor vehicle tall far more than 30 thousand yuan. For instance some has measured yield mixture motivation car, its are equivalent to 160 thousand yuan of RMBs only in Japanese price, the price that is in China is in however 260 thousand - 300 thousand yuan of RMBs, far more expensive than be the same as level fuel motor vehicle. Nevertheless, car look forward to expresses clearly about the personage: "We will control addition cost in 20 thousand yuan of less than henceforth, oily bad news can reduce 20% above. Such, consumer can support the cost that purchases a car to increase with the time that arrives two years. Average consumer can be canned afford. " 

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