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Buy a hand to move block? Block automatically? Two handcart expert: Block automa

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Current, consumer of a few two handcart is moved in the hand block or block automatically on indecisive. For this we consulted the Kingdom of Wei of two handcart expert to ask for. According to expert introduction, before choosing a vehicle, want to buy car demand certainly, and the budgetary choose and buy according to oneself is appropriate car.

Look from price -- 150 thousand yuan of above are blocked automatically have the market more

150 thousand yuan - 200 thousand yuan, even in the consumer that above price place faces, be displacement car partly quite, because a car is moved with the hand,block be in the majority, so consumer is willing to change more block a model automatically, contented more convenient and comfortable drive demand. In the two hand models of this price, of contented business or business affairs utility be in the majority, often come in and go out for instance social situation, receive send guest to wait, it is even " bureaucratic airs " dye-in-the-wood, block a model so automatically " have outer part more " . Officer's car market was aimed at when still a few models just appeared on the market, whole vehicle department is moved without configuration hand even at that time block a model, just just rolled out a hand to move in nearly two years block a model, handcart is secondly so basic block automatically.  

Look from the requirement -- the person that likes violent wind car suits a hand to move block

Same car is medium, introduce two cars of same engine and different transmission, comparative to having for the person of road-sense, the hand is moved block a model carrying fast expression to go up stronger. The engine rotate speed that blocks correspondence of place of model shift gears automatically is set is good, and to resembling " play high rotate speed " those advocate passion drives " car hand " people for, this cannot satisfy a requirement apparently, they prefer follow one's inclinations feeling. So the hand is moved block a model to suit them more.

Look from sexual distinction -- the lady suits to be blocked automatically more than the man

A lot of ladies are right oneself road-sense self-distrust, in drive already was opposite when school " walk pick walk for nothing hang " , " leave after Buddhist templeput on the brakes first " , " carry slow delay of separation and reunion is cheered " wait for skill to appear not know what to do, compare a lot of men, can change the hand the room for action that blocks a car to master handy, should expend more a few time. So this also makes a lot of ladies are in when buying a car, it is first selection object with blocking a model automatically. Satisfied not only comfortable and convenient drive demand, and avoided " hurry-scurry " case.
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