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What just do not buy Che Jun to mix motivation to sell more is social responsibi

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Gentleman is jumped over

Beijing car is exhibited on, the Jun Yue Hybrid that we see lets a person shine at the moment, general motors all along is such, do the business that a few ordinary people dare not do, the standard of early loot industry, this kind " seize mountain stronghold " the wisdom that the practice was full of sale.

In our expect, jun Yue Hybrid should be to be in 300 thousand odd, use " make beautiful " , do not think, shanghai is general send the market Jun Yue with the price of two hundred and sixty-nine thousand nine hundred, greatly beyond the expect of media.

Does the sale of Jun Yue Hybrid appeal to beg where? To of 270 thousand intermediate, jun Yue Hybrid does not need to importune fuel economy painstakingly it seems that, although manufacturer is nominal and OK,reduce the fuel of 15% , but estimation user also does not have attend to of a few meetings to arrive this oily bad news of 15% . One is close to of 300 thousand intermediate, a few oily Qian Shi are in trifling to move hard consumer.

So, is Shanghai general by what to come prize market?

Ding Lei's view is: "Mix motor vehicle more to Bie Kejun, high-grade fractionize market is in cut a point very well. Market of this one fractionize has market capacity big, demonstrative effect is wide, user use frequency tall, travel

A economic benefits is sale only " dot " , apparent, shanghai is general those who see is " face " , that is social benefit.

Manage 10 years, the brand that fasten a gram is in China very quickly and case, exceed American mainland, china makes the market with the biggest brand that fasten a gram, accompany and come, it is a batch of users that the implantation that fasten a gram rises. The car that does not overcome advocate people with

Fuel rises continuously, environmental pollution lasts aggravate, the car is become " culprit " . Below this kind of posture, in high-grade car advocate most intense to the consciousness of social responsibility, from

And Shanghai is general apparent on Hybrid of the Jun Yue that fasten a gram ground captured this kind of demand, the car that jumps over to gentleman advocate, energy-saving fuel is not the most important, reveal the social concept of its environmental protection through Jun Yue Hybrid, this ability is the biggest appeal to beg.

Congjun jumps over Hybrid, those who see is Shanghai not merely general " sell a car " sale, should see Shanghai is general more " sell a concept " sale, what Jun Yue Hybrid sells is a car not merely, more it is social responsibility. Probably the sales revenue of Jun Yue Hybrid cannot catch up with outlay of huge research and development, dan Jun jumps over Hybrid to give Shanghai general gaining the recognition that come is to buy what do not come back however.
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