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Will high oil price raid is buying new car still two handcart?

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It is a choice after all new car still is two handcart, it is many personages that buy a car's painedder thing. In this article, we do not plan to choose the sort of model venture smaller perhaps protect a value to lead more advanced angle to discuss, however sheet undertakes a few Baconian summary from the angle of oily bad news. At present 6.2 yuan oil price has achieved the history new tall, the key is it rise far still not in the end, because this is considering to choose new car,still be two handcart when, must cause our more to notice.

In the technology old between old two handcart and new car, we should choose new car

Because car discards as useless the modification of policy, the fixed number of year of two handcart some on the market is very at present high, the price that has a few models among them is dog-cheap, even one stage

Oil price rises new car and the option issue of two handcart

The technology is not outdated but the two handcart with longer time, economy cannot place on a par with new car likewise

The engine technology of certain model is not backward, particularly resemble appearing on the market 2001

If be not the two handcart of afore-mentioned circumstances, need considers engine state issue

To using time not be very long, the two handcart with engine not backward also technology, we need to note its potential conserve risk, get on a car namely advocate whether to undertake reasonable conserve to the car. Conserve is undeserved it is apparent to the harm of engine, and these harm and not be in certainly when running, can show. Did not change for long for example engine engine oil, can bring about relevant of component be lubricatinged wear away, for example annulus of crankshaft, piston is waited a moment. These wear away unusually to do not have the degree of breakdown probably, when choosing a vehicle also have no way is examined, dynamical show is basic also and normal when driving, after be being bought, also won't affect drive normally. Wear away normally as a result of the blame of these components however, bring about oily bad news very likely to lift. This kind of question is same the trouble with very difficult real regard as, because want to unless undertake engine heavies repair,be solved thoroughly, but not was necessary apparently. Additional if get on a car advocate it is a novice, right perhaps oneself drive cherish not quite, did not do good adjust period adjust the job, bring about engine to did not undertake be adjustinged goodly, also can bring about in the future oily bad news to increase. Come so, after you chose, must bear the issue with oily higher cost. Although this venture that chooses two handcart with convention is similar, but the rise as a result of oil price, this risk was magnified further. Below the circumstance that does not hnow through and through, choice new car will be right now more distinct wisdom a few.
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