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1 litres reach hopeful of consumption tax of the following small car that discha

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Recently, the State Council was released " the announcement that strengthens an oily section electrician to make " , encourage clearly use small oily waste time energy-saving environmental protection car and car of clean the sources of energy. Small quantity will be reduced by tax rate of the consumption tax that use a car, big volume will rise by tax rate of the consumption tax that use a car, this action enlarged the difference of tax rate of car consumption tax further.

After tax rate is adjusted, 1 litres reach the following car consumption tax to lead hopeful from current 3% reduce to 1% , the lowers tax rate exclusively breed in becoming consumption tax to adjust.

Come so, whether can the small car discharging an amount that sales volume glides all the time welcome development opportunity? The reporter interviewed car city relevant personage at this point, they express mostly, adjusting consumption tax to be measured to small is a benefit for the car good, but the consumptive declining tendency that wants to turn round the small car that discharge an amount through this action is unlikely, can rely on only raise technology and environmental protection level, ability walks out of predicament.

Sale hot water is hard turn round

Say normally, after moving duty, the biggest person be benefited that the small car that discharge an amount becomes consumption tax to adjust undoubtedly. But, "The mainstream market of Dongguan still measures the 1 cars to 2 litres in the platoon centrally. 1 litres reach consumption tax of the following car that discharge an amount to reduce, predict what measure car sales volume to small to urge action so won't apparent. " Dongguan uses up the United States manager of this cropland market department abundants Bai Ru says.

Wang Zhenlei of manager of department of market of cropland of abundant of day be issued to lower levels thinks, oil price goes up badly, this part consumer checks the small car that discharge an amount cost is more sensitive, oil price affected them greatly buy a plan, "Consumption tax was reduced now a few, I feel to affect instead to rise as oil price so big. " he expresses, should change small platoon to measure the development current situation with current car, from go up at all for, need the progress of the change of domestic consumer idea and industry technology. The country hopes to prompt environmental protection energy-saving, and the Europe Ⅲ level that the small car of China that discharge an amount still cannot reach Europe now, and oily bad news is not saved relatively, upkeep costs also with 1.3, amount of 1.6 litres of platoons is similar, these are the factors that limitted development of the small car that discharge an amount. And performance of the design of product of whole of the small car that discharge an amount, quality, safe, power is poorer the desire to buy that also affected people looks.

Car look forward to is about to borrow policy to turn over

Although the outside does not value the profit good motive that consumption tax reduces, but among them car look forward to or hope can rent body place machine turn over.
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