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Transfer two handcart displacement also should say the period brand effect

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Old car replacement

Common saying says, old do not go, new do not come. As transfer the arrival of the times, a lot of cars advocate when preparing to buy new car, do not know how to be handled to old car however. Actually, after understanding two handcart displacement, look be like complex " sell old buy new " or " with old change old " the process will become relaxed and simple.

■ the manufacturer is contended for turn displacement business

As transfer the arrival of the height, many old car flows to two handcart market, this inviting cake lets numerous businessman covet. Then, car manufacturer rolls out business of two handcart displacement in succession, expanded already business, also satisfied the client's requirement.

From the point of current Xi'an market, besides early outside the business of two handcart displacement that a few years Shanghai masses rolls out, yue of general, east wind amounts to Shanghai case inferior, east wind day is produced, east wind Ford of beautiful, Chang'an, Beijing is contemporary and Guangzhou this Tian Ye rolls out two handcart in succession displacement business, high-key enter the market. Yang Xiao of manager of department of market of inn of 4S of Hua Xingxin century tells Shanghai general Shaanxi the reporter, since their 4S inn begins professional work of two handcart displacement oneself, very get consumer reception. Especially since this year, displacement business more and more fire, the car of every month replacement is in at least 10 above, mostly car advocate amount to with Xiali, nimble wait for old car replacement triumphant more, the model such as Jun Yue.

The reporter understands, two handcart displacement has been in the brand to drive the new car of 4S inn to sell apparently, major 4S inn can accomplish together with cross brand displacement, let more and more consumer begin to accept this to plant " with old change new " means, two handcart displacement is making the new profit point of growth of each agency and manufacturer.

■ displacement company but " with old change old "

Trade in two handcart in, besides " with old change new " outside, still have " with old change old " means. Nevertheless, "With old change new " finish in 4S inn more, and " with old change old " be in company of two handcart displacement to finish more.

Xi'an easy car collects Liu Fuzhou of general manager of company of two handcart displacement to tell a reporter, loving the new and loathe the old is normal psychology of the person, one individual hard to avoid will be right at the same time favour has a few paragraph models add, but, at present most consumer accomplishs one person very hard still to have a few cars, if regular the ground sells old buy new, economic actual strength affirms short of. Then, the price has assuring two handcart relative to cheap, quality, with respect to the target that can become the person that transfer to admire in the heart. Although be on coequal price, often experience the car of different brand and class, also be one kind is enjoyed. So, xi'an is very at present much youth or gens enjoying a car, often transfer often in company of two handcart displacement, and be very happy with it.
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