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Greet National Day sales promotion to send force car price bottom or will build

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The car city busy season on traditional sense " Jin Jiuyin 10 " this year not " clever " . Off-season manufacturer will send force sales promotion, new car to appear on the market centrally ahead of schedule in August press Laoche depreciates waited for a reason to bring about " Jin Jiuyin 10 " notional faintness. As a result of " Jin Jiuyin 10 " what sale does not have expect is good, most manufacturer, agency can center firepower contend for the car market of the end of the year. The personage inside senior course of study is forecasted, car city is new one round depreciate mad tide will appear in November. "The end of the year just is real busy season " , a lot of agency hold upbeat mood to the sales volume of the end of the year.

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  Many brands in September sales volume not as good as in August

"September rise than August to inn quantity hundred, but clinch a deal the quantity is no good, be inferior to in August. " " we are in all the time get mobile sales promotion, but the situation September is quite general. " " divide this year besides Feburary, the sales volume July is cereal bottom, arrive at present, august is sale height, here, double sales volume will be July August. But current in September sale and keep balance basically in August, without the situation that occurrence flourishing sells. " " we will sell 130 the left and right sides August, will reckon only 100 are controlled September. Will reckon only 100 are controlled September..

The manager of department of 4S inn market that car of 4 different brands is above is right respective in August, in September the description of sales volume. Will be about to take its route in September, although manufacturer and agency use teacher's day to wait,launch all sorts of activity sales promotion, but on the whole, sales volume can not make a businessman satisfactory.

East wind day is produced and this Guangzhou cropland Zhang Hui of manager of department of market of inn of Shanghai loose river thinks, on one hand, the money of the car increasing, the side that consumer can choose broadens, make the time that buys a decision lengthen, appear not easily so the occasion with hot sale; On the other hand, the lifecycle of the car shortens, new car comes out Laoche depreciates, to this, a lot of consumer are not eager to moving, manage money however wait-and-see.

Agency calls pressure repeatedly big

The picture of a few brands that a director with old job of mart of be assigned personal responsibility for can give a company every year the sale sells graph. She says, sale curve of 3 years is shown on raise trend, showing annual car to sell gross is rising ceaselessly. The Pan Xian of market department manager of inn of Dong Changda numerous 4S also says, although will be compared with the annulus August this year in September,fell, but with last year September be growth for certain compared to the same period, he predicts this year countrywide car sales volume relatively grew 5% last year, 20% .
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