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Disease of 3 kinds of common winter prevents love car

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Weather becomes cold every day, common disease went to winter love a car to be sent high again period. These days, the reporter is in Hangzhou discovery of inn of a few big 4S, toward maintenance inn undertakes winter maintains before the car in an endless stream with maintenance.

"Arrived in the winter, the car allows easy good hair a few winter are common ill, for instance cannot cold start-up, warm oneself breakdown, still storage battery short report waits. " the service manager of inn of a 4S expresses, since December, the car that will to love the car sees a doctor in their inn and maintain already increased than last month 34 into.

Winter maintenance busy season comes

"Early God is one day cold last week to 4 Celsius, I want to start car, discover how to be started however. " car advocate Mr Yang calls immediately the request comes to help, via the maintenance of 4S inn the manager is checked, the car carbon deposit that is Mr Yang so is serious, weather one cold, originally " inferior healthy " car begins to come on. Those who pass 4S inn clean maintain, it is normal that car restored very quickly.

The reporter is in Zhejiang inn of 4S of special grade of blessing of 4 cars, Jin Fengfeng cropland, 10 thousand countries sees, the car that comes round to undertake engine oil maintains changing in an endless stream. Cropland of golden abundant abundant serves manager Xu Yun to express, winter air temperature is low, system of long unused central heating, incidental boiler circulation not the central heating effect such as free not the defect such as beautiful. Return some car antifreeze to did not change for a long time, also come on easily in the winter. Accordingly, in this paragraph of time no matter be to maintain, detect, still change of engine oil, antifreeze, particularly much also.

Many 4S inn take the advantage of this opportunity to roll out the winter that maintains in the light of winter car technically be good at examine. Jin Fengfeng cropland begins from this month, rolled out the service month activity that winter car maintains and detects, those who undertake concerned system of central heating system, cistern, brake is all-around detect freely. These days, what the car that maintain has 10 several everyday will make an appointment before, maintenance technician is fast busy did not come nevertheless.

3 great common affection see at most

"Winter disease basically is cold start-up breakdown, storage battery short report and breakdown of central heating system. " Chang Sheng of manager of 4 cars service tells Zhejiang the reporter, main like cold start-up breakdown show needs to just can be started for many times repeatedly in car, cannot start even sometimes. Because,this is accumulator most be afraid of microtherm, the capacitance when capacity of the accumulator below microtherm environment compares normal temperature is low much. One chill meets the storage battery that often uses in warmly Founder to do not have report suddenly. When adding winter cold car to start, bad news report is particularly big. Accordingly, storage battery uses the traffic that controls two years to send this one disease easily.
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