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Newspaper of half an year of car look forward to gives heat first half of the ye

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What the whole nation can release by banquet of the couplet that use a car is newest show by the statistic that use a car, the whole nation is multiplied with the car sales volume achieves 3.6 million first half of the year, grow 17.07% compared to the same period. In each in big company, one steam masses is gotten temporarily with weak dominant position run first half of the year sales volume a list of names posted up, the platoon is in ever since it is Shanghai masses, Shanghai respectively general. Field of one steam abundant is strong first half of the year this year grow 60% , enter the 4th, and because strange luck car speaks sales volume temporary cannot total count, temporary platoon is in the 5th. Begin from the 6th, the rank of look forward to of much home car is relatively stable, east wind day is produced in guest of new car Xiao and new sounds of nature drive, sales volume goes tall gradually, expression of second half of the year is worth to expect. Beijing is contemporary because Yi Lan is special what Yue moves is popular, return arrives in before 10 cavalcade, and because this Guangzhou cropland suffers flood to affect, sales volume decreases somewhat, but brunt model the 8th Dai Yage's sales volume still very strong, at present already successive 3 the middle of a month are advanced car city gains the championship. Auspicious car course is adjusted, grew 11.8% compared to the same period first half of the year, king Kong of its brunt model, distant view overfulfiled the task.

In be in the cycle of macroscopical adjusting control like 2004 as a result of car line of business, the comment thinks Chinese car city is met this year miserable like 2004 drop. Xu Changming of director of development department of information of national information center thinks, because macroscopical economy still has the amplitude of 10% above, car line of business won't suffer an effect too big, appear impossibly car market had 3% ~ only 2004 the state of the amplitude of 4% . Nevertheless, the market is added fast putting delay already was a fact, xu Changming is forecasted, amplitude of Chinese car market anticipates a possibility this year the 17% ~ from the beginning of the year 20% adjust for 15% the left and right sides.

One steam masses

Complete target sales volume smoothly

In hasty past first half of the year, one steam masses hands over beautiful report again, each mainstream manufacturer will continue to maintain the sales volume May in June, one steam masses achieves yield first half of the year two hundred and seventy-eight thousand one hundred and thirty-nine, grow 20.2% compared to the same period; Implementation sells two hundred and seventy-one thousand six hundred and forty-four, grow 29.0% compared to the same period, sales volume ranks the whole nation the first, the ratio of year sale target that finish is 51.59% .

Shanghai masses

Sales volume finishs 253 thousand

Shanghai masses completes sales volume first half of the year this year 253 thousand, among them Pasate (parameter configures graph library) , Pu Sang, mulberry 3000, the much that POLO holds Shanghai public sales volume, and Si Ke amounts to big Ming Rui (library of parameter configuration plan) the share that also held many 30 thousand. Second half of the year as Lang Yi (library of parameter configuration plan) appear on the market and of Sikedafabiya roll out, shanghai people can say to withhold enough " ammo " , and as produce can solve of the problem stage by stage, shanghai masses will be become this year the person have force contention most of sales volume champion.
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