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Expression not common is exhibited from Shanghai car see auspicious change

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The regale of rich and powerful family that is a car exhibits a center to ring down the curtain in Shanghai Pudong international. It is with the Beijing November 2006 the car exhibits time-interval probably too close, although cross a state the extensive of the imposing manner that exhibit a stage of Motor Corporation grand, adornment is costly, but always give a person one kind is like ever the acquaintance, sense that lacks a hotspot. It is performance of own brand company not common. The should belong to own brand representing that deserves attention most among them -- auspicious car.

   Wider range of products

Exhibit a stage auspiciously not to calculate big, but the topic is very lively: "Science and technology of own brand · innovates " . Straighter white ground explains, namely " the good car that builds common people to be able to afford, let auspicious car take a whole world " . 14 when representing level of innovation of auspicious science and technology truckload, distributing at two " freeway " on, exhibiting is a piece of map of the world between Taichun, exhibiting is a piece of map of the world between Taichun, reveal an auspicious overseas strategy.

The start model that auspicious ginseng exhibits is a delegate auspicious the free naval vessel that enters the modern period that build a car. 3 new cars such as II of the beauty leopard II that represented auspicious car to develop way, auspicious King Kong, distant view II appear first with the stage, make this second car is exhibited become auspicious ginseng to exhibit throughout history to roll out new car most. And exhibiting Hai Shangsan compartment mixes dynamical car, maritime space car of two new energy resources complies with car of alternative fuel of methanol of 3 compartment M100 world car is energy-saving the development tide of environmental protection, also be the attempt of product of high-tech of auspicious exploration development. Have England what will produce in auspicious Shanghai base is blue blood, auspicious first luxurious car -- classical taxi also is in open veil.

Auspicious racing bike of the exhibiting AGF equational racing car that still has own research and development, China and sea dispatch dispatch of 2 compartment, sea 3 compartment two motile car. The AGF equational racing bicycle that regards our country as first equational racing bicycle, the CVVT that matchs with its -- the excellent performance of JL4G18 engine gallops great river north and south, make lover of countless racing bicycle infatuate, and as equational as AGF racing bicycle is the same as " core " auspicious distant view also becomes famous overnight.

   Higher technical content

The backside that the model changes, be auspicious technology level is fast grow. Auspicious the general character that joins the item on display that exhibit this to have safe, environmental protection, science and technology. It is with free naval vessel exemple, this car has security of 9 automobile body system of 8 bodyguard system, indoor and safe bodyguard, 11 are driven wait for systems of 28 guard of Xiang Chaojiang security by safe bodyguard system, safety performance is in the car that be the same as class be far ahead, the electronic assistant that deployed auspicious and own research and development is special system, used advanced Germany " BOSCH " system of ECU of eject of new-style M7.9.7 fuel, the Europe Ⅲ that finishs national regulation ahead of schedule discharges the requirement that amount to mark, maintained the synchronism of safe, environmental protection and science and technology. Free naval vessel is called " representing auspicious the period building a car that entered modern dimensions to change Gao Shuiping " .
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