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Strange luck car exhibits 6 " most "

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The car exhibits the 4th day when had audience day, the enthusiasm of consumer is not decreased as before, the businessman's passion is ignited again. This is exhibited in the car " beautiful " on field, the mood of businessman and consumer interweaves together, exhibit the car push again to the climax.

Strange luck exhibits a stage is an epitome, the reporter collected 6 " most " , the strange move change that there is a businessman here goes, here has the each shining more brilliantly in the other's company of sweet car belle, more people is mixed to the longing of prospective science and technology yearning...

  Most accord with " safer, more energy-saving, more environmental protection " of the concept exhibit a stage

"Safer more energy-saving more environmental protection " it is strange luck is exhibited in Shanghai car go up the theme that roll out, on the design that exhibit a stage, strange luck follows this concept completely also, give priority to body with white, intermittent and tie-in green, make nature and car perfect be united in wedlock.


  Most the car that appears on the market first

Often a battle of the world cup it is conspicuous, of exciting, the car is exhibited such also. Exhibit in current Shanghai car on, strange luck A1 serves as first released car, made everybody's central point.

Strange luck A1 is comfortable model it is fifty-three thousand eight hundred yuan, luxurious model it is fifty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan, protect character period for 4 years of 120 thousand kilometer. Strange luck A1 is not QQ upgrade replacement product, it arrives from engine chassis automobile body, with QQ neither one general part, be brand-new the model of development.

   The most unexpected gift

The gift is exhibited in the car on indispensable, but exceed the imagination of the audience when the gift,became an accident. Roll out in strange luck " in judging baby large award " in the activity, the first day, the free access that A1 got 5 years in an audience. After getting win a prize in a lottery informs, is what this audience says most is one " is this true? Is what this audience says most is one " is this true??

   Most suffer recall the notional car that hold in both hands

Shooting Sport is Jiruiben second lucky the mainest concept vehicle, the space of the campaign that joined racing bike, vogue and viatic car is gotten practical, with its muti_function recreational racing bike is designed, explained a kind of brand-new racing bike to consume a concept, this kind of young vogue pledges the figure of new-style racing bike of feeling drew numerous audience high chase after hold in both hands.
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