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51 night before last 7 dreams car piece: Car stop on insufficient car wall

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Dream 1 car climbs tall wall on

Had heard of wall body like in the air parking lot? Let all cars climb tall wall through cableway, stop in next in the air, and the car is straight the course that attends to fall continuously is by the car advocate oneself will operate, this still can let a person experience the wonderful heartbeat in adventurous game. This kind jockeys means, have 3 big gain: It is to be able to make everybody OK on the ave far overlook looks and be admired; 2 it is can severe blow a few behavior that steal a car, going up because of these bandits an examination must be done to see the trouble that has heart disease, hypertensive and so on before the wall steals a car; 3 it is to be able to give all day long because of cannot finding parking space depressed friends the good place of a vivid stimulation.

Comment on: This abrupt wall body parking lot comes down 90 degrees make it of not certain have to is perpendicular.

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