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Beijing modern production and marketing breaks through tower of 800 thousand acc

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Hold water only between 4 years of half, beijing is contemporary finished the produce and sale of 800 thousand to measure. Among them the Wang Yilan of domestic litter is to use the rate with Chinese automobile peerless group more especially, the fastest record that created onefold model produce and sale to break through 500 thousand " . Xu Heyi of Beijing modern president is exhibited in the Shanghai car that just ends on high-key announced this is heard anew.

To celebrate this one a grand event, beijing is contemporary will spread out since this day a series of the client acknowledges activity. It is reported, this the client acknowledges the activity basically is given priority to with each district agency undertake, be aimed at Yilante and tower of accept of EF all alone two kinds of models, interested user can receive inn of Beijing contemporary engage by special arrangement to enquire mobile detail continuously, each district agency also will roll out all sorts of privilege and sales promotion activity in the light of this locality user.

Regard Beijing as contemporary n/COL the head of a family female role, yilante and Suonate develop it may be said contemporarily to stand for Beijing finished one's contributions in work: Regard Beijing as the first contemporary new car, suonada appears on the market to sell 50 thousand with respect to implementation in those days, make Beijing contemporary enter car town in those days 10 strong; And regard Beijing as the model with contemporary top sales volume, the time that Yilante used 40 months only completes a sale 500 thousand, with China the peerless speed on car history, created onefold model produce and sale to break through 500 thousand the fastest record, average every 1 hour has 52 Yilante by work off, every 1 day has new car of 416 Yi Lan spy advocate went up the car that they like. These two cars are purchased in civil, government, taxi market blossoms in the round, become Beijing contemporary " full-scale attack " capable pioneer of the strategy.

The successful sale of Suonada, Yilante Beijing contemporary pushed Chinese car company before 5 strong, road is gotten the better of, drive circle in the air, elegant gentry joins in especially help Beijing is contemporary consolidated 5 strong positions, this year in March, the product line below Beijing contemporary banner is overall augment, with one action rolled out SONATA drive circle in the air, Sports of Yi Lan spy, Yilante elegant gentry of 07 paragraph, 1.6L is special, 2 automatic two drive road is gotten the better of wait for 5 to be tasted newly. So far, beijing is contemporary had 24 5 cars department, different models, the product is enclothed economy car, intermediate car, medium each domains such as advanced car, SUV.
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