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Car of familial and glaring Guangzhou exhibits Rong Wei excellent performance de

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Guangzhou car is exhibited be about to ring down the curtain satisfactorily, first internationalization of domestic is own Rong Wei of the steam on the brand is familial appear first anew the car arrives of dynamical system " a photograph of whole family " , perform yield results in work to move wonderful confused to show, attracted tens of ten thousand person to arrive at Rong Wei to exhibit a stage, rong Wei also becomes this second car to exhibit on the person is angry most of flourishing exhibit one of stages.

The Rong Wei of beautiful Lun Meihuan exhibits a stage

Since be born, rong Wei attends every time to weigh cart to exhibit from beginning to end a style that continue to use belongs to him, become a car to exhibit indispensable fashion label stage by stage: Give priority to with sterling black dozen, what by many 80 thousand crystal bead strings together 4 is giant droplight mixes hundreds " R " adornment ground hammer, let whole exhibition hall appear Gui Ya is uncommon, its design a style to become whole vehicle to exhibit effect of highest grade, vision to exhibit one of stages best, photograph of as old as any international brand is more inferior than be without.

The car pattern that this Rong Wei extends a stage asked the model with the most professional industry as before, their professional temperament lets spot audience dump, combine the design that young stylist Wang Wei ingenuities distinctly, car and person achieved perfect unity, become whole platform car to exhibit on the person is angry most the performance activity of flourishing, also be exclusive fashionable dress of a new fund releases an activity.

This the car is exhibited on, of Rong Wei exceed the scroll on big screen to broadcast the wonderful front that drives peak accusing a peak, cooperate the music of the shock, attract a large number of audiences to stop appreciation, meanwhile, rong Wei exhibited stage a side to exhibit " drive peak accusing a peak " in that heroic chariot that performs blaze flying car for many times, more the spot increased a few enthusiasm, after many audiences are looking to drive the spot activity that Guangzhou of peak accusing a peak stands, be here with this hero car meet by chance, very excited, the camera in raising a hand in succession or it is group photo of requirement and this silver-colored soldier, enthusiastic audience discharges a cue for a time even in the spot.

And around blaze chariot " house of Rong Wei motivation " inside engine of exhibiting Rong Wei series, included Rong Wei to be about to use in high-powered engine of the 1.8T on new model and 1.8DVVT, concentration reflected Rong Wei to get the ability of own research and development of region in core. Whole set of Rong Wei engine appears on a car to exhibit, can say in technology of core of Chinese auto industry development has the sign of milepost meaning.
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