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The 2nd 2007 Shanghai import car exposition to will be about to hold in October

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Came 24 days on October 20, 2007, exposition of car of entrance of the 2nd 2007 Shanghai is installing car of Shanghai of city of car of booth Shanghai international to be able to exhibit a center to be held ceremoniously.

Ceng Yiji of exposition of car of entrance of first 2006 Shanghai is professional and clear exhibit bright and fixed position, can distinctive exhibit meeting characteristic and plentiful and substantial to exhibited conference substantial results outstandingly to get each job the sufficient affirmation of wife person, the height that also gets each ginseng exhibits business and audience outside churchyard at the same time is evaluated and take an active part in. Car of 5 days is exhibited attract the 50 thousand person that look around more in all, only double cease the person that day looks around everyday is amounted to 15 thousand, the car exhibits the spot to make work in all car many 50, still sign about a hundred order, sale outstanding achievement is satisfactory.

Current entrance car exhibits the base that 2006 exposition of car of entrance of the first Shanghai runs successfully to go up, exhibit meeting dimensions to will expand further, entrance car tastes grow in quantity of kind of will big range showpiece. Farad benefit, Martha draws interest of the base of a fruit, Laosilaisi, nimble when protecting, guest, run quickly, the high-grade and luxurious brand such as BMW appears on all. In addition, still will increase Bujiadiwei this year Dick of racing bike of Long Chao class, Pang and Akula luxurious entrance car that have individual character extremely, brand number achieves 35, reveal an area to amount to 30000 square metre.

Besides card of ginseng item on display numerous, current exhibiting the another big feature of the meeting is vogue and classic coexist. Current exhibit can add lord car special administrative area newly, show the entrance antique car of the brand such as Laosilaisi, Kaidilake, nobility of general of do one's best, lasting, classical, glamour, recreation, major and delightful atmosphere confluence are together, gift extraordinary humanitarian experience, make China provide professional entrance car to exhibit a brand most greatly most with this.

As " Cultural Festival of 2007 Shanghai car " one of series activities, exhibit meeting the corresponding period to will hold new car news briefing, new car to try try drive, a series of rich activities such as museum of car of contest of model of party of car media a hunderd schools, car, visiting Shanghai.

City of Shanghai international car is located in long triangle hinterland, it is the hub of connection Shanghai and area of river short for Zhejiang Province, communication is easy, the 2nd 2007 Shanghai import car exposition the radiation ability city of car of international of Shanghai of have the aid of, fall October, import a car bigly last time to grow the gens love a car of trigonometry area to display gluttonous big eat.
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