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Car produce and sale year add exceed 1 million China to get run the whole world

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Although case of finished product oil price achieves a history new tall, the traffic jam of a lot of cities has add without decrease, but the longing that does not keep out common people to have car of an illicit home. Shortly will go 2007, chinese car produce and sale continues to maintain high speed to grow impetus, amplitude in the whole world add of relay of market of each old main car is on lead position. Zhu Yiping of head of department of statistic of association of Chinese auto industry says 28 days to reporter of Xinhua News Agency, predict Chinese car produce and sale will be adjacent 2007 or more than 8.7 million, than going up year add many 140 completely, grow more than 20% compared to the same period.

Chinese market high speed develops

Suffer oil price to rise with economy depressed influence, euramerican 2007 with the world such as Japan main car market lasts stagnant. The United States is the car market with the biggest whole world, new this year car sells work off to enjoy growth now, retrogression arrives the level 1998. Europe is the whole world market of the 2nd old car, on the whole, car market growth is lack of power. Before 3 quarters, sales volume of European new car is compared only on year the corresponding period grew 0.7% , market of Japanese new car removes a standard to the front of 30 years.

The whole world waits in China, India burgeoning car market, scale of Chinese car market is the largest, growth is the rapiddest also. Since 2006, china has exceeded Japan, make the whole world the 2nd old new car sells the market. Will continue to hold this one position this year.

After World Trade Organization is joined by 2001, chinese car produce and sale spans continuously 3 million, 4 million, 5 million, 6 million, 7 million close greatly with 8 million, the challenge 10 million involved greatly 2008.

Demand drives sales volume strong

Driving domestic demand, was 2007 Chinese car produce and sale continues the main power that high speed increases. An investigation of national information center makes clear, the family that the car buys of purpose inside the near future is achieved on ten million. Drop of the addition as income and price of successive and old car considerably, buy car of a family to be opposite for a lot of China consumer, before resembling some year buy a color television or washing machine is same.

As abroad total number of tycoon of the car that cross a state enters China, and rise abruptly quickly of own brand car, china makes the car market with whole world the most intense competition.

To enhance competition ability, the Motor Corporation that cross a state introduces newest and best model China in succession, so that be on the Chinese car market of intense competition,gain business chance. Own brand enterprise also rolls out a lot of new models. · sends the 3rd Dai Mengdi Europe that Ford Motor Corporation just will appear on the market in Europe this year in June get the better of, passed to be less than 3 months, be in in Ford China Ma Zida of Ford of joint ventures Chang'an gets offline, china puts on the market at the beginning of November. The 8th generation that this Japanese cropland just will put in in North America this year in September is brand-new elegant cabinet car, in Guangzhou this cropland will get offline formally on December 27, the market can put in at the beginning of next month.
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