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Fuel tax " grind one sword 10 years " leave eventually proof?

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Banquet of couplet of the information that use a car will be multiplied to be able to go up in September in what held a few days ago, the whole nation is met by banquet of couplet of the information that use a car secretary-general Rao Da expresses, "Fuel tax publishs an opportunity to had been had, just publish the issue of morning and evening, the preparative condition that shows level is sufficient have fuel Shui Kaizheng. Fuel tax regards current government as one of the mainest tasks inside lieutenancy, affirmative meeting will be carried out in March in next year. Affirmative meeting will be carried out in March in next year..

Rao Da's reason basically has at 4 o'clock: It is fuel tax expend reform as national tax most put forward first, experienced 3 governments, the 4th government that next year of impossible remit to will begin in March will reduce administration figure; 2 it is this year the index that prices rises is higher; 3 it is this year finance income growth is bigger; 4 it is fuel tax it is a country the major move of energy-saving strategy, procrastinate impossibly again go down. Connecting oil price to adjust is top-secret information, so fuel tax executive date has a government impossibly pass outside information.

"Media tells executive fuel tax to want cancel this collects fees that collects fees, but the largest possibility is to cancel to raise travelling expenses only (special subject) , but affirmation of total the amount of tax to be paid is a lot of taller than raising travelling expenses, use up in order to reduce oil plants. Collect fees otherly tentative reservation. Rise as the tax rate year after year of fuel tax, collect fees viatic course of development and collect fees the forehead is reduced gradually. " Rao Da thinks, fuel tax carries out short-term likelihood to affect car market, but from affect in the long run not very big, and this is the first when encourage the small car that discharge an amount more significant step.

As we have learned, japanese government from on 50 time begin the century, car of stimulative user use miniature and small platoon measure the policy system of the car, just form stage by stage through 56 years, still be in at present aggrandizement this policy system, just make miniature car of Japan retains the quantity occupies a car to retain the 30 % of the quantity. Accordingly, the getaway that the society transforms a car begins from Japan. After passing 20 years, the developed country just is accepted generally. The period that the car transforms a society is before this, because the car is right social impact is too big, so almost all countries levy heavy taxation to the car, if fuel tax of France is top,amount to the 300 % of gas price.

Rao Da expresses, the function that any state government hopes to pass partial sacrifice car comes as far as possible item oil, resource conservation, reduce discharge, reduce urban road to embrace block up and reduce a car to be opposite of land area take up. The car that accords with such requirements is miniature car and small capacity vehicle, give substantially tax cost is favourable, levy heavy taxation otherwise. Be like car duty of Japan, lowest and highest differ 24 times much. Although took these step, to lying the individual of social middle-level above and family, action also is finite.
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