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The car consumes new power 80 hind the main forces that buy a car is billowy and

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"Joy enjoys each days " , this is " 80 hind " one big feature. because of this, "80 hind " becoming new power of a spending to rise abruptly quickly in a lot of industries 2007. Be about to go 2007 Zhejiang car city, "80 hind " the main forces that buy a car is billowy and come, came from the statistic of agency of brand of mainstream of Hangzhou car city to show recently, 2007 1~11 month Hangzhou is new addition one hundred and seventeen thousand six hundred new car advocate in, the car that more than 3 is become advocate for " 80 hind " , this number broke up one time almost than last year.

Of Maifukesi, "80 hind " occupy 9 into

"We just made an investigation designedly, in triumphant in the crowd buying a car that jump over ' 80 hind ' occupied 33% , this number rises one than last year times. " last weekend, shanghai of Hangzhou city north is general an agency tells a reporter.

Zhejiang the market manager of 10 thousand countries the 10 thousand reply that Gong Bing gives out are more astonishing, "Maifukesi's crowd is medium this year, the car that has 90% advocate be ' 80 hind ' . The car that has 90% advocate be ' 80 hind ' ..

Saving what the car runs place to go up in medal count data, up to in November, triumphant offside row saves champion of car sales volume completely, before Fox ranks 5.

Li Yuhua manager also represents department of market of limited company of sale of Shanghai masses Zhejiang, buy the consumptive group of POLO before two years to be in 35 years old or so, to this year, the age structure of the gens that buy a car already fell 25 ~ is 30 years old between, buy both sides POLO especially, having an in part is " 80 hind " . Dragon of iron of east wind snow and the data that beautiful agency provides east wind also make clear, buy in Hangzhou beautiful 206 exceed 5 to become with the client of Xue Tielong C2 is to go up the century is born after 80 time. Beautiful selling manager expresses an east wind, because buy beautiful the crowd of 206 is controlled in 27 years old centrally mostly, the company rolls out a new model that fits this kind of crowd technically, add installed CD of scuttle, 6 dish and personalized cushion.

2 generation bestow favor on Che Chengfu of luxurious individual character newly

Do not think " 80 hind " working hours is short, consumptive capacity is small, dare consumption, lead consumption is " 80 hind " feature. In the investigation process of our newspaper reporter, a few data that come from agency make a person amazed. Sale data of Ao Di shows, the client that Ao Di TT has 50% to control group be " 80 hind " , "Groups the girl that often sees each is young is little very the ground that pull wind is opening Ao Di TT to come over to maintain or maintain. " abstruse connect wave of land of market chief inspector to say, maiaodi's youth is centered at two models commonly, it is Ao Di A4, still having is Ao Di TT. And the TT racing bike of individual character make public suffers a youth to chase after especially hold in both hands.
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