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Province oil need not sacrifice small-sized car should pay attention to motivati

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The graph is abundant cropland Yalishi

Sina car dispatch on July 3, international oil price reachs 145.85 dollars for a time, achieve the history again new tall. Watch China instead, benzine rises 0.73 yuan / litre, derv rises 0.84 yuan / litre. According to investigation, because oil price is rising, the person of the not rare intent that buy a car shows, will deliver attention to oily bad news on smaller small-sized car.

As we have learned, after oil price rises, the consumer that 4S inn will come to to understand small-sized car before somewhat grow in quantity. But dealer also shows, come round to seek advice for the most part, the sexual price that tries driven customer to take small-sized car seriously quite is compared, while the requirement is energy-saving, also pay attention to the exterior, motivation and safety. Accordingly, similar abundant cropland Yalishi car of high-quality goods of this kind of international comparatives accept favour.

Cater to domestic consumer small-sized car motivation upgrades

Mr Zhang of 28 years old pays close attention to small-sized car market already close half an year, he hopes to be able to carry 100 thousand yuan or so, sexual price compares taller small-sized car. "To me, oily waste time wants a consideration above all, it is motivation is mixed next hold charge a sex, because buy a car, think besides ride instead of walk holiday can go out with the friend namely. " there is Mr Zhang in small-sized car consumer of this kind of idea a lot of, at present so the car of shifts newly a few high-quality goods on the market has good performance on motivation, the abundant cropland that just appeared on the market by June for example Yalishi.

What although Yalishi is in Europe,sold well 9 years is long, but be opposite to cater to domestic consumer better " gold discharges an amount " pursuit, special also rolled out 1.3L and 1.6L two kinds of engine discharge an amount. What 1.6L model embarks is the double VVT-i engine that is the same as a source with Kaluola. This also is the engine that Yalishi carries this platoon to measure first inside global limits, in Europe, North America even Japan, the engine that this car place carries also is the version of 1.0L, 1.3L and 1.5L only. As we have learned, this is the most advanced ZR motor, set successive and volatile technology into gas and exhaust system, more optimize combustion effect. In addition, new engine also converted the piston that quantifies gentlier and connecting rod, improved dynamical reaction.

There are many small-sized cars to choose athletic route on the market at present, for example Ma Zida 2, fly degree etc, but ask to jump over to motivation as small-sized car consumer tall, a few vogue, delicate deluxe model also pays attention to athletic function more and more. The Yalishike of 1.6L erupts 87kw motivation, in the car that be the same as class already perfectly, can rival the 2.0L car with homebred part even. Drive Yalishi is the biggest experiencing is lightsome and carefree. When light step on the gas starts, yalishi won't behave lag, move quickly ahead however, if accelerator a little big, accelerator meets the electron make reaction very acutely play rotate speed quickly tall, the reaction of engine is very immediate also, the circumstance is blocked to fall in D, yalishi starts very fast, carry when the travelling speed of 30 ~ 50km/h fast very fast also, this is most person the property that needs when driving on urban road. The accelerator that adds Yalishi is lighter, brake is softer, this is very advantageous to having the urban environment that block up and long-distance trip. God-given is, top speed can amount to Yalishi 195km/h, this, although those walk along the model of athletic line,also surmount hard.
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