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800 thousand the most luxurious double deck is public transportation come to She

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Luxurious bus

Luxurious bus is in-house

Height 12.7 meters, nearly 4 meters tall, social status 800 thousand yuan. Computer of dial of the appearance inside the car is controlled, can detect automatically car breakdown; Next door have a hand to turn over footplate, can make wheelchair free fluctuate; Tail gas is discharged reach Europe IV level, at present Shenyang most the car of environmental protection... the double deck bus that two can will weigh Shen Cheng is the most luxurious on July 31 takes the lead in arriving at Shenyang, additionally 38 also will be arrived at in succession. Predict to will be formal on August 6 on Olympic Games special railway line operation.

Bus of luxurious double deck, the place of what train in excess specified length to have after all? The reporter is in yesterday south Motor Corporation appreciates the tower ahead of schedule.

Science and technology: Appearance dial computer is controlled

Ascend a bus, the reporter sees the appearance dial of driver ahead go up, all sorts of pushbutton distribution are equitable. "The hand presses a feeling very comfortable, look at very beautiful also. " driver Li Songlin tells a reporter, besides these advantage, the place with appearance the most advanced dial is computer control. When original car gives trouble, it is factitious platoon is checked more. There is one to display screen on appearance dial now, car is like occurrence breakdown, can undertake clew automatically.

Comfortable: Seat brings soft cushion cushion

The top of head with public transportation double deck has 3 little lights, according to introducing, green lamplight will be given out when night, very marked, already beautiful allow legibility again.

The reporter sees, build of double deck bus is taller, also have even 2 height 1.7 meters of above at least, general passenger but unbend waist. Additional, the glass of car is used clipper-built, eye shot is more open, can let take in everything in a glance of the beautiful scenery outside the car. Share 8 stage to 2 stair by, the passageway is very capacious, can come true two people fluctuate at the same time.

68 seat are shared inside the car, among them 2 have 50, can carry a passenger at most 135 people. All seat have soft cushion and cushion for leaning on, the softness after sitting is comfortable. On back row seat, to make sure the passenger is safe, still configured safety belt.

Human nature: Footplate is convenient the disabled

This public transportation " gigantic without bully " the markeddest characteristic is, it is a disabled trouble-free bus.

Postern place has the hand of a yellow to move footplate, if the disabled wants to get on a car, driver or the passenger can put down footplate, form gentle slope with the ground, such wheelchair cars can fluctuate freely. With hind door still has disabled special administrative area in opposite railroad car, and be in place of disabled conveniently touchable still set next car doorbells.
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