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Open what car to see an Olympic Games into Beijing

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The Olympic Games 2008, the view that allows a whole world focusing was in China, hold urban Beijing as the Olympic Games, for a short while more the central point that makes all and factitious raise one's head and look anxiously expect. For can the elegant demeanour that saw with one's own eyes witnesses Olympic Games players, to do not let this once in a blue moon opportunity and oneself brush a shoulder and pass, everybody is expecting to be able to be in Beijing to experience this grand occasion personally.

As the drawing near of Olympic Games opening time, more and more people are being restrained while the heart is excited, also wear in the plan drive oneself watch an Olympic Games into Beijing. Choose an adaptability strong, the car with comprehensive function, not only can a lot of travel road trouble dispense with mediumly, can let oneself watch the game with the most cheerful mood again.

The various models on market let a person look dazzlingly, so after all which car suits to see an Olympic Games into Beijing most? It is better that 3 consumers public praise was listed here, sale success is exceedingly good small-sized the car that cross a boundary, already economic province oil has campaign more idiosyncratic, ask everybody to see an official judge judge which to suit to see an Olympic Games into Beijing most.


☆ of exterior ☆ ☆

Take German public newest " CROSS " design concept, blend in the model style such as cross-country car, caravan ably, the originality that having your person to find everything new and fresh spans. Lemon is green, citric yellow wait for hyperbole colorific to apply, make CROSS POLO offends an eye all the more it seems that suddenly. Silver of rack of roof of dazzle silver-colored alloy, dazzle is muti_function rearview mirror and car bottom fender added in relief firm flavor, the grille before black beehive shape cooperates argent component, more show straightforward.

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