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Information number: 1296 cars brand: One steam power annals

Car type: Car car model: Luxurious model (argent both sides)

Show car license tag: Archives means: The hand stirs file

Buy car price formerly: Yuan trade now valence: 51500 yuan

Car color: Argent primary vehicle utility: Family expenses

Buy date: 20080101 travel kilometer: 21000 kilometers

Oily bad news measures: 6 C.c. Seating:

Homebred entrance is homebred plate change the name of owner in a register: Can

Car condition:
Because oneself are badly in need of capital have enough to meet need, now very reluctantly will brand-new low love a car is made over. 8 years new year's day buys a car, luxurious model argent both sides, engine of Japanese abundant cropland, oily bad news exceeds low, the fare that raise a car is low, the space is good, the configuration such as conduce force, Abs, safe gasbag. Brand-new and dermal cushion, back a car radar, upgrade acoustics, pure belong to family expenses, maintain meticulously, extremelying He Weixiu, without any accidents, can change the name of owner in a register. Intended person ask connection, decline intermediary.

Contact means:

Full name: Mr Zhang province: Hainan
Phone: 13322073318 cities: Face tall

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