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Racing bike of Ao Di TT2.0T

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Information number: 1310 cars brand: Racing bike of Ao Di TT2.0T

Car type: Car car model: Racing bike

Show car license tag: Archives of D fining jade means: The hand stirs file

Buy car price formerly: - - yuan trade now valence: 120000 yuan

Car color: Utility of gray primary vehicle: Private

Buy date: - 5-18 travel kilometer: 23800 kilometers

Oily bad news measures: 11 C.c. Seating: 2

Homebred entrance imports plate change the name of owner in a register: Can

Car condition:
Sell racing bike of Ao Di TT 2.0T, install an entrance formerly, 9 into new, without cause trouble, without change one's costume or dress, turbine pressure boost. Engine: L4 discharges an amount: 2 horsepower: 200 gear-box: 6AT, car condition is good, formalities is all ready: 13724240489 Mr Zhang gentlemen. . . . . .

Contact means:

Full name: Zhang Youfu province: Hainan
Phone: City: Big talk
E-MAIL Vip5_zhangycai@163.com fax:
Mobile phone: 13876633367 Q Q: 13724240489
Address: Hainan big talk

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