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8 attentions are remembered well before manage compensate

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Every time the circumstance of accident happening may be Protean, but remain essentially the same despite all apparent changes. Fine car meets Fuzhou gold world to often help its follower member conduct service of insurance manage compensate, manage with insurance compensate personnel contact with is " common occurrence " , the Deng Kang that then we ask Jin Shijia car to meet and Yang Gang give everybody introduction a few basic measure and skill point.

Manage compensate the first pace

Call the police

Clew: "Hind of be or get out of danger signs up for insurance company inside 48 hours "

After be or get out of danger, inform insurance company first, the car has a regulation on danger clause, after be or get out of danger insurance company signs up for inside 48 hours, otherwise insurance company has authority rejecting claims. The word says again, calculate more than two days, general situation also won't not compensate gives you (compensate is favor, not compensate is a truth ah) .

Protect calorie of area that follow a car

Clew: Hind of be or get out of danger should be contacted at least with insurance company

Must carry card of motor-driven car insurance to get stuck along with the car (common calls small card) , there is the guarantee slip number, important information such as model car date above, in case be or get out of danger, want to be contacted directly with insurance company at least. When dialing insurance company hotline, need provides the basic case such as nature of time of guarantee slip number, be or get out of danger, place, accident.

Maintenance contract cannot be despised

Clew: Accredit contract book wants to be signed personally

If insurant wants to entrust repair a factory to deal with compensate, or delimit accident damage directly repair a factory, answer to sign accredit trust deed personally, sign up for insurance company to put on record. When be being repaired every time, with repair a factory to sign quality contract, such ability safeguard his legitimate rights and interests.

Effective certificate cannot little

Clew: "Jockey bill cannot be thrown when waste paper "

"Photocopy of card of drive a vehicle, driver's license, guarantee slip, Id, take completely! Without? Go back take say together again! " the reparations that should take insurance company can not allow really easy! A bit one neglect, the time of most day is with respect to waste on these do sth over and over again. If be to be in a parking lot to still must stay,have jockey bill, but must not regard it as waste paper was thrown. These are the necessary papers when reasonable compensate. Certificate is all ready, insurance company must not find fault.

Responsibility not bright should call the police

Clew: Policeman branch is the authority of cognizance accident responsibility

Responsibility not bright the accident must call the police, also want inform insurance company has prospect for a short while. Much hard to avoid of driving National People's Congress encounters some of little knock sth out of vessel small touch, many " easy " the person encounters this kind of trouble, thinking is him anyway wrong, with respect to direct be out of pocket, oneself that part looks for insurance company to solve. Have a car advocate have handlebar an autocycle advocate contused, that person asks compensate brushstroke money finishs sth, the policeman such as the result will discover that autocycle has done not have a yearly check, sentence coequal responsibility. This respect policeman is a connoisseur!
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