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Hail breaks loss of new car of 30 thousand masses bad 100 million euro

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German massesCarCompanyA spokesman says 27 days, a hail assaulted a company to be located in a factory of German northwest ministry, bring about about 30 thousand cars to be destroyed, the loss may achieve 100 million euro.

Germany" annals signs up for Na Deyi " 26 days report, the hail of tennis size assaulted dust Mu 22 days to enter town this month. Hail damaged park is in place the new car of about 30 thousand masses of factory of a masses and dock.

This people company spokesman says: "Be in other people factory temporarily below the help of the expert of assign, WeChecking these cars, determine car damage rate, so that repair,mix filling lacquer. So that repair,mix filling lacquer..

This spokesman still says, people corporation won't because of pecuniary loss of this hail incur, because the company already was cast for these cars,guarantee calamity weather a place difficult of access.

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