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On July 1, countrywide limits will carry out a country formally Ⅲ discharges a standard, "Country Ⅲ " undoubted meeting by the look place focusing of millions upon millions person. However, car look forward to still needs to widen energy-saving the field of vision that reduces a platoon, because this is project of a system, mere " country Ⅲ " amount to mark to return unwarrantable whole part to be able to fall the efficiency of bad news and effect -- .

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On July 1, Ⅲ discharges the country mark brigadier is carried out formally in countrywide limits. Draw near what nod for a short while as this increasingly, domestic car look forward to promotes product of Ⅲ going abroad in succession. In small customer industry, the product of scenery 4JB1T motivation of cropland of blessing of steam of 08 sea lion that have cup of China morning gold, north and Nanjing depend on Wei Ke to be in Beijing car will be exhibited in April on released new fund high-end small customer -- Bao Di (PowerDaily) etc. And, domestic user is right country the demand of III model is very exuberant also, depend on Introduction Wei Ke according to Nanjing, since Ⅲ of country of the end of the year popularized the action to carry out last year, sales volume of small passenger of Ⅲ of the Ke Guo that depend on dimension goes tall successively, drove the sell like hot cakes of all fronts product. According to statistic, nanjing sells small customer in all first quarter this year according to Wei Ke 6628, relatively the corresponding period grew 13% last year. Nanjing plaints for it about the personage according to Wei Ke: "Discharging a standard to jump over strict area, our sale growth is more apparent. Our sale growth is more apparent..

Without doubt, upgrade ceaselessly as what discharge a standard, III has become the state the good target that enterprise of numerous commercial vehicle must satisfy. "However, be being returned to small customer no matter is an user for, contented country III standard is energy-saving only the requirement that reduces a platoon, but still not be sufficient condition, country III should not be the only index that the user buys a car. " recently, chinese light-duty car analyses meeting secretary-general Lin Wei to say so jointly.

Lin Wei elaborates his viewpoint so: Discharge amounting to mark is lowermost standard merely, the link such as level of the still should inspect car integratedly motivation property when product of commercial vehicle of choose and buy, oily bad news, safety performance whether synchronous also came true to upgrade. It is with oily cost index exemple, to stress the division oily performance of car as far as possible, in likewise contented country the premise of III index falls, some proprietor of an enterprises promote gasoline engine product, what some enterprises roll out is the diesel engine product with lesser power, some companies save oily cost through dropping the case of tare weight. Actually, engine power is lesser and self-prossessed lighter product, although be below ideal situation very the province is oily, but climbing difficulty of the slope, travel when be fully loaded with bigger, oily cost raises rate very fast also, performance is not steady. "Drop self-prossessed case especially, still can cause certain harm to safety performance, this is a kind of irresponsible behavior to the user. " Lin Wei points out, offer for the user truckload match excellent model, just be the crucial place that solves a problem.
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