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Water is too deep! Will remove price of partial car danger to will go up in the

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"The water of car danger domain is too deep, investment wants discretion again careful. " the car danger market that the relevant controller of new central issue ever had stated Shanghai so. Proper large volume is minorIntermediaryThe company acts price war more when jumping over intense, superintendency branch is given out severe check an order.

According to Shanghai insuranceThe information that industry interior comes out, the car danger poundage of Shanghai is led will keep original " 15 4 " level, namely commercial car danger poundage of representative of every guarantee slip (commission) in 15 % , make strong narrow pass poundage of representative of every guarantee slip does not exceed 4 % . In every case will be had to violate compasses act by check fish henceforth, CompanyChief may be punished by administration, at present relevant measure is being made in. It is reported, this will be Shanghai car danger is superintended history go up most severe punishment measure.

Pacific OceanSafe, the Chinese is protected, the relevant controller such as restful insurance and car alliance expresses, the near future is paying close attention to thisOf policy fulfil. When in the reporter cut stalks of grain, get the message says, will rise on August 11, car danger price will go up in the round tone.

Will look with respect to the surface, at present the phone car danger of insurance company still can be achievedPolicyOf the requirement 7 lose favourable bottom line, 15% poundage are obtained to return a dot on this foundation. However, of this policy carry out more depending on that control insurance company and insuranceThe poundage between intermediary is led, and undertake be controllinged strictly to action of troubled market value.
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