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Superintendency storm of Shanghai car danger upgrades violate compasses 3 close

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"Market of Shanghai car danger violates compasses phenomenon " , the height that caused superintendency branch takes seriously. Shanghai protects inspect bureau to make written instructions technically at this point about the leader, the plan holds water " normative car danger market research group " , it is on the base that already convention of car danger self-discipline reachs his to carry out detailed rules, add a lot of decisive additional provision.

Current, afore-mentioned additional provisions already existing writings, arrived to be in company of risk of Shanghai each money with discussing the form of draft to just allot " a party to an undertaking " in the hand.

Market of danger of ad hoc car checks a group

The lasting effect mechanism that checks to build market of normative car danger, shanghai will hold water technically " market of normative car danger checks a group " (examination group forms plan separately formulate) , examination group checks every quarter daily to every insurance company not less than 3, encounter those who have preliminary evidence to inform against, will protect inspect bureau to report to Shanghai, the proposal takes the lead by the bureau that keep watch undertake assault is checked.

"Car danger examination will divide an administrative levels to undertake, take the lead by consortium of Shanghai insurance a person of same business directly carry out, by Shanghai the bureau that keep watch takes the lead another carry out. " disclose according to relevant personage, the add up toing that the examination that takes the lead by consortium of a person of same business basically is the level that poundage pays and relevant proof compasses sex, and the examination that takes the lead by the bureau that keep watch is closer one pace, direct development arrives to reach the examination of the poundage items of an account of insurance intermediary to insurance company, and the action that factitious modification business and financial data stop insurance cost aim with achieving clear behoove.

Controller of danger of car of company of one penates risk tells a reporter, by Shanghai consortium of insurance a person of same business took the lead in the past the inspection that begin works, check with insurance company each other more give priority to, the examination flows at the form normally, and the right that consortium penalizes insurance company without travel. And once had Shanghai to protect the affiliation of inspect bureau, will make check strength and deepness undoubtedly further, the keep within limits that violates compasses phenomenon to car danger has relatively far-reaching sense.

Violate compasses make 3 times jockey risk business

"Compare original autonomic convention provision, this punishment strength is very great, have the meaning of punish someone as a warning to others. " general manager of company of risk of a money is in Shanghai is taking additional provision (discussion draft) late give deep feeling.
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