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Why does insurance company manage to becoming flat compensate compensate is lost

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Say detonate embryo accident, the Cheng that major is engaged in compensate of manage of car accident insurance ten years is born with first grumble, mr Cheng says, existing law laws and regulations to becoming flat responsibility is maintained without apparent end, insurance company clip is among user and policeman, assumed ought not to the responsibility of bear, at the same time this is planted the flaw on the system, still let insurance company cannot get the understanding of policy-holder as before below the case that makes compensate pay.

Why does insurance company manage to becoming flat compensate compensate is lost 80%

Mr Cheng explanation says, cast protect car to encounter accident collision accident, accord with principle of compensate of car danger manage completely. But in reasonable compensate project, we can deduct tire to change charge. The accident of be or get out of danger that causes to becoming flat as a result of the car, we are met according to the accident complete duty rate of computational manage compensate, but should deduct normally 20% .

To why wanting to deduct expense of 20% manage compensate, mr Cheng says, basically, insurance company becomes flat to the car the tire loss that the accident causes, pay no attention to compensate. Because insurance company thinks tire blowout is to belong to car component nature,ageing place causes, and the manage compensate condition of car danger is however encounter the accident such as accident collision when the car. But when the car as a result of when become flat and producing accident collision accident, insurance company gives manage compensate however.

Why does insurance company manage to becoming flat compensate compensate is lost 80%

Mr Cheng points out, because become flat the characteristic of the accident, become flat by what fall in high speed condition with the car especially, the serious especially big accident that can cause a car probably to destroy a person to die, these are to have case but of abide. So we often produce such thing in reasonable compensate, our manage compensate because become flat,cause with external affairs reason, but policy-holder is very dissatisfactory still, after all we can be deducted 20% , become flat in processing when accident manage compensate, our insurance company very like the pig 8 give up look in the mirror---Inside and outside is not a person.

Mr Cheng says, should solve at present this is planted awkward situation, the most efficient way strangles the harm that become flat from fountainhead namely, appearing below the circumstance of mechanical failure, won't investigate the duty of the enterprise commonly, but actually, the enterprise is in becoming flat still is to have very big responsibility in the accident. Our insurance department hopes concerned branch can establish more rigid market admittance standard very much, raise automobile safety threshold, resemble tire especially such tall danger disappears, should ensure the harm that will become flat overwhelms the smallest, such ability change this kind of situation with our current insurance device.
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