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Buy a carSafethe purpose is to ensure accident happening when, oneself have sufficient financing to pay possible compensation the loss, the capital that also ensured a family at the same time is stable, unapt the burden that creates domestic finance affairs, the happiness that affects a family lives.

According to personage of senior manage compensate is summed up inside course of study, in a lot of grave accident, because be sure to do not have try to win sb's favor, insurance risk is plantedTie-inScientific, when producing huge loss, car advocate can be to regret only with grouse, but when be late already.

A lot of cars advocate personnel of compensate of can interrogatory manage: "My car dropped fully comprehensive insurance in insurance company, you shouldCompensationI ah? I ah??

But insurance manage compensate handles affairs according to the contract namely, car advocate insurance contract should study carefully in beforehand, strive for through all sorts of means, had done the safeguard collocation that plants nearly each.

It is below before those who narrate personnel of compensate of manage of senior car danger from already check, he fromCarThe angle of risk management, the car that buys car insurance to preparation advocate a few principles and advice:

Principle one: PreferentialBuyThe responsibility of a third party of full specified amount is safe
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