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The reporter received a car in succession recently advocate complain, compensate of manage of danger weighing a car repeatedly be rebuffed. After typical case interviewed the personage inside a few lawyers and course of study, the reporter discovers among them, car advocate people when purchasing car danger product, must study clauses more, mix beforehand cast the insurance company that protect to reach consensus, otherwise, once give accident most,can encounter " manage compensate is difficult " corner.

Controversy case 1

The car lends a friend friend of late make trouble, insurance company compensate?

The friend lends car happening traffic accident, is insurance company OK rejecting claims? Mr Wu encountered such difficult problem. Although the accident already went 4 years, however dispute still hangs in the balance up to now.

Late on October 10, 2004, the car lends the Leikesasi of Mr Wu friend yellow gentleman, produce an accident however unexpectedly, mar serious, policeman branch maintains Mr Huang to bear full responsibility. "Because the car is bad very fierce, I am flat sold Mr Huang the car, but the agreement repairs car charge to go out by him first, the reparations of insurance company came down to also put in him 's charge. " Mr Wu says. Later, in the process of insurance manage compensate, drafted a statement by insurance company, let Mr Wu above inscribe. Say in statement: "Already was fizzled out as a result of this car some rehabilitate, and oneself already gave Huang Mou this car resell, because this oneself asks insurance company is compensated for no longer, insurance company compensates for Huang Mou directly. " Mr Wu thinks this statement can make up for friend yellow gentleman to trim car loss, after can not thinking of 4 months, insurance company delivered to him however " rejecting claims advice note " . Carelessness is, the car of Mr Wu is drive by Mr Huang of accident reason, the car also is Mr Huang foster cordial relations between countries, so Mr Wu does not have pecuniary loss in this accident, the basis is safe " the loss compensates a principle " , namely loss happening is compensated, do not have compensation without loss happening, insurance company not compensate.

However, the maintenance data that the reporter browses shows, although Mr Huang bought a car, but did not pay long fare to the factory that build a car. Actually Mr Wu pays some repairing is held to expend bill to prove 50 thousand yuan to repair cost in Mr Wu hand.

Because the accident is inside insurance extent of liability, oneself paid the corresponding fee that build a car again, insurance company holds to rejecting claims however, so Mr Wu tells this insurance company the court. However, court of first instance thinks the statement of Mr Wu is to put those who abandon influence to express, have no right so again to insurance company claim for compensation. Subsequently, mr Wu appeals again, its lawyer thinks: "The statement of Mr Wu is not nonuser, seek the right authorization of claim for compensation countervail for you to Mr Huang however. " a few days ago, both sides is awaiting the court decision of 2 careful.
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