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Car produces two kinds of accidents to must withdraw the spot instantly (graph)

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Roundabout manages goose mountain range, a sedan is caused with autocycle happening collision embrace.

Car produces two kinds of accidents to must withdraw instantlyThe spot

Traffic accident happens not to have personal casualty between ● motor vehicle, cause belongings loss to be in 2000 yuan only the following

Traffic accident happens to cause the component such as window of car engine lid, light, door, rearview mirror to damage between ● motor vehicle

Because of small brush hang in parking the car in the road, dispute over trifles create a vehicle, will be weighed to punish henceforth. According to the Ministry of Public Security " traffic trouble removalProgramSet " , block up to reduce what cause because of road transportation accident to embrace, municipal government is released yesterday " about advocate the announce that the city zone executes proper motion of party of accident of transportation of road of slight belongings loss to withdraw the spot and manage compensate processing " (the following abbreviation " announce " ) .

" announce " the demand rises from September 5, advocate when the city zone produces accident of traffic of slight belongings loss, party should withdraw the spot by oneself. NeedManagement department of public security transportation gives those who provide concerned compensation procedure, the classics member that send is checked will issue relevant formalities lawfully.

According to statistic of 122 command center, accident of our city daily traffic is received alarm in, 90% above are slight collision accident, daily the road that causes because of accident of slight liaison man blocks a dot up to amount to 200 above. "Traffic accident is one of main reasons that cause road to jam. " Chen Ning of deputy director general of department of accident of city policeman total fleet expresses, after carrying out new road transportation accident to handle buy way, hopeful of this kind of phenomenon gets complete change.
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