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Seek a breakthrough own brand 2 go on an expedition are small-sized car

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Xia Zhibing: ∨ handkerchief chops   hurry post an ancient wine vessel made of horn boils  Li be good at bariumDevelopPeriod, at the appointed time market of this one fractionize should acquire the two market share that become the left and right sides.

Rao Da: ShaddockSmall-sized carThe crucial factor of pace remains policy, consumption tax of the small car that discharge an amount is moved low two percent, it is good a bureau, but 600 yuan taxation is economic at job of no help.

In strange luck complacent prepares to roll out A3 of litter of home of the 3rd acting high-quality goods when, biyadiBegin sneak attack its rear area. This week, biyadi F0 of car of company A00 class appears on the market formally, declare is ownBrandBegan go on an expedition 2 times small-sized car market.

5 years ago, be QQ appear on the market, company of help strange luck has begun to go up " wedding day " , own brand carProductSubsequently a new force suddenly rises. So, biyadi F0 whether grab those who get car big fight this " the first prize " ?

Own brand comes 3 years car head is pushedTaste newly

The 2nd times small-sized car battle opens hit day, just meet homeCar
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