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The petrifaction in shortage state end or time-out import benzine and diesel oil

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Newspaper of Shanghai negotiable securities ever reported oil of Chinese finished product imports a quantity to have the news that acute reduces the likelihood from this month a few days ago. In petrifactionManagementThe personage will express to media on August 19, the state that is in short supply because of domestic fuel has ended, the company will suspend the import of pair of benzine and derv.

Say according to him, home market fuel is in short supply no longer, because this company was not necessary supplier of again outward ministryBuyFuel, need not reimport or purchase fuel from inside other country refinery hand.

Specific when to restore steam dervEntranceDepend on when does market situation produce change.

Nevertheless, official of the petrifaction in this also shows at the same time, suspend import and be not being meantCompanyStop to offer the crude oil that application produces at finished product oil to domestic small-sized refinery.

To this, in petrifaction an interiorPersonageTo Shanghai negotiable securities the newspaper expresses that day, near future home market supplies stability, the quantity of oil of company entrance finished product is decreasing really, but the circumstance that whether can suspend seeing home market supply and demand and inventory maintain even thoroughly.

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