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Who does heart of department of the day below high oil price fasten to be able t

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Walk into 6 yuan of timeses from 3 yuan of timeses, high oil price has accompanied car city fly came true to span breathtakingly. Cannot forecast oil price when to will innovate again tall, but almost everybody feels oil price is impossible to return to once upon a time. Below this kind of setting, item oil car has consumed the apogee that throughout history held on the idea in car city.

One steam horse amounts to the home of the car oneself the horse amounts to 3 both sides oneself 2 luxurious model

"The horse amounts to 3 both sides oneself "

Be in all the time the day with a very good public praise of oily technology respect is a car, found the shortcut that implementation is in Chinese car city to promote quickly it seems that, perhaps transcend the problem that heart department car is time only.

The domestic Guangzhou Ben Tianfei of the car spends new 1.3 Mt comfortable edition

"Fly newly degree "

Be in Japan, the car is absolutely mainstream. The reason is very simple, economy is practical. The car that can care about oneself without too much common people looks creditable, because authority is similar, it is wing-rooms on either side of one storey house is small quantity. And the auto industry that personalized demand developeds through Japan is able to reflect on small-sized car research and development. The car of same brand, coequal platoon measures the model of coequal even dimension to have multiple choice, modelling deploys a style each different, this is car culture of Japan.

A general Xue Folan of the car Le Cheng 1.2sl Mt

"Le Cheng 1.2L "

Notable is, below setting of period of high oil price, chinese auto industry wants to continue to achieve high speed growth, small-sized car is sure to make the fractionize market that has latent capacity most. Be consumed the Chinese car city of the influence for a long time on the history by fair car, also perhaps should produce structural sex change, small-sized car behoove makes the first selection of average consumer. This is helpful for the improvement of environment of the sources of energy not only, more the car culture that is helpful for forming ourselves.

Who does heart of department of the day below high oil price fasten to be able to hold the home of market opportunity car
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