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4S inn also can go up plate the card on half hours of car leaves come home

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Channel of xinhua net Henan question is big on August 15 a network of waterways - Henan business signs up for a report: Inn will be sold to buy a car in the large car such as 4S henceforth, do not need to be in charge of the plate on place to the car again, you are drinking coffee in inn, hearing music, the fastest a half car that the hour can drive to carry a card comes home.

The fastest half hours are gotten get on card car

Yesterday afternoon, yellow fat sea takes Zhengzhou citizen in Zhengzhou city to open yuan of Lu Mou inside car sale inn, drinking coffee, hearing music.

He bought 13 days to stride to this inn this month vacate a car, now come over to maintain.

Yellow fat sea says, 13 days morning 9 when he buys a car to this 4S inn, hear can deal with plate, he paid car section, insurance premium, after purchasing duty, entrust this inn to be the card on its. Afternoon 4 when make, he superior card stride vacate a car to leave returned the home. The time that he says to he shifts a car is slower still, the model that buys because of oneself did not come into stock, delayed time, some cars advocate be less than two hours, got get on the love car of the card.

According to should selling store Su Zhanjun of vise general manager introduces, their sale inn is in on a period of ten days of the middle of a month begins to run, had dealt with for 130 new cars at present door register reach on card business, the fastest used half hours only.

Year the store that sells 500 cars ability be qualified

Inn of this car sale is Zhengzhou city " conduction motor vehicle of business of motor vehicle sale registers business " pilot unit, have 3 at present like such inn Zhengzhou, will more sale inn will conduct this business henceforth.

This announces on the press conference that Cheng Haizhou of assistant total team leader is in total fleet of policeman of province Public Security Department to be held yesterday, he says at present 3 city of Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Nanyang, everyday 300 is deal with to 400 new cars door on card business, still a lot of people handle filling card, trade the business such as card, everyday person discharge reachs 5000 people. Because the car is in charge of the hardware establishment of place to still be not perfected, caused a lot of citizens that will conduct business to queue up to wait.

Accordingly, province Public Security Department will be in city of the inn that be stationed in a horse this year in April pilot, let conditional car distributors deal with car to enter door register wait for business, lose to what car canal decreases. The experiment proves, below the superintendency that runs place in the car, the car sells inn to be able to conduct this business completely. So, total fleet of policeman of province Public Security Department is made " the business of conduction motor vehicle of business of sale of Henan province motor vehicle that register implements measure " . Current, this regulation already allotted the city that save administer to join tubal department, the car point of sales with conditional each district will OK conduction car registers business.
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