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Secondhand car market -- car of 4 sell like hot cakes is recommended

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The near future, the reporter learns from two handcart market, at present 1.6 (contain 1.6L) the small car discharging an amount that the platoon measures 5 years of the following, less than is the most welcome. Fly among them degree, 4 models of Europe of POLO, Le Feng, contest relatively the attention that gets the person that buy a car.

   Fly degree

New car price: Eighty-six thousand eight hundred - one hundred and twenty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan

The near future is secondhand inside the market, a particular year is centered in 2005-2006 year old money flies degree more, model of the 1.5L on platoon quantity is in the majority. Because be born,originate in 2005, 2006 fly degree deploy CVT infinitely variable speeds implement, there is larger contribution on division oily performance, be bought the favour of car person so. Additional, get the influence of the respect such as a particular year, car condition and configuration, clinch a deal valence is in more 60 thousand - 70 thousand yuan between. 2-3 year two handcart price and new car are having apparent difference. Because car sex price is higher, car condition still also calculates good, want to undertake convention maintains only, use basic unchallenged.

   POLO both sides

New car price: Ninety thousand eight hundred - one hundred and nineteen thousand eight hundred yuan (strong feeling)

In the model of the small sell like hot cakes that discharge an amount, the rate of seat of honour of POLO is compared all the time tall, especially POLO 1.4L platoon measures a model. At present the POLO 2002, kilometer number is in 80 thousand yuan of above, basis car condition and configuration are different, clinch a deal valence is in 50 thousand - 55 thousand yuan between. The POLO 2002 is home the earliest a batch POLO car, quality of this batch of cars is very good, truckload 70% what the left and right sides uses is an entrance, quality has safeguard quite. Additional, 5 years the following car is maintaining the meeting on cost to increase gradually, this need him consumer can accept ability travel. If have the car of intent to POLO car advocate, might as well treat the POLO strong condition with closer a particular year, car condition is betterer, but the price go up high many.

   Le Feng

New car price: Seventy-four thousand nine hundred - one hundred and one thousand nine hundred yuan

Trade from the two handcart market of the near future in light of situation, the Le Feng of 1.6L is close friends on sales volume at 1.4L. On a particular year also with 2005-2006 year manufacturing model is in the majority. Express according to the personage inside two handcart course of study, the 1.6L Le Feng by 2006, kilometer number is controlled in 10 thousand kilometer, the price can sell 65 thousand yuan of fluctuation. In view of the Le Fengxin that 1.4L platoon measures car price already fell to 60 thousand yuan or so, the new car price of the old car of 1.6L of apparent Le Feng and 1.4L somewhat coincide, choice 1.6L is secondhand Le Feng perhaps more be to one's profit a few.
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