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General motors is about to dissolve North America pressure to be about to get st

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GeneralSeeking inside global limits dissolve North America sales volume to glide brings pressure, hearsay the contact of its and Heibei resurgence car, may make both sides blocks a model to go up in the skin somewhatCooperate, because of two months before, general just closed 4 Pi Ka and SUV plant in North America.

"To the contact with resurgence car, still do not have here any message. " general motorsChinaChen Shi of company vice president says to our newspaper reporter, "Whether can take general Pi Ka China to produce, this is commercial secret, inconvenience discloses. Inconvenience discloses..

At the beginning of June, generalCarClosed 4 plants of the Ohio that is located in Mexico, Canada, United States respectively and Wisconsin in all, cause station of on 10 thousand works to be affected, but make general motors can save cost of 1 billion dollar every year however. Same, the measure that closes a plant also brings about general Pi Ka and large SUV to produce per year a quantity to reduce about 700 thousand, fall amount to 35% .

MayProductionone of models: Be the same as 4 models of platform with Xue Folan COLORADO
Ordinal it is respectively: H3T of horse of 50 bells I290, bold, GMC Canyon

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