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Lack of standards used car appraisal industry needs to be standardized

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China's used-car market with the international second-hand car market is relatively mature compared to being in its infancy: the industry structure is irrational, the market integrity is not high; access for lack of market order to be affected; particularly China, has not A comprehensive, rigorous, scientific identification of evaluation criteria used cars, resulting in identification of the prevailing light weight assessment, evaluation arbitrary and unscientific methods, the evaluation process more objective factors and subjective assessment of Results If deviation from the actual value of the vehicle and other issues. Xiao Bian recently learned from a second-hand car market, this should serve as a second-hand car trading process third-party "used car appraisers," general lack of trust, faced embarrassment. Second-hand car market is the industry recognized the lack of integrity issues, The reason why consumers have doubts about used cars, used cars because of the uncertainty itself has the characteristics of the common knowledge of consumers is difficult to distinguish the merits of the vehicle. According to the survey, a professional used car Assessment report can be rest assured that car consumers and reduce property losses. However, in reality, most consumers are on the used car appraiser there questioned transactions in second-hand cars are also the direct transfer of more choices. Industry sources, due to the development of China's second-hand car market a short time, industry regulations, industry standards are not very perfect, industry structure, incomplete, the vast majority of business entities with small brokerage firms, practitioners Qualities of generally low quality of the vehicle intentionally concealed defects in the vehicle odometer to make a fuss and so very serious. China still does not have complete and rigorous appraisal and evaluation criteria used cars, and most comments There is no statutory body to introduce professional assessment instruments, which caused widespread arbitrary assessments and assessment results deviate from the actual value of the vehicle and other issues. Therefore, assessment of second-hand car industry needs to establish a complete evaluation system, To further regulate the market.
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