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In recent years, as people gradually deepening understanding of second-hand cars, used cars for its cheap, great choice, do not feel bad scratching and other advantages to attract the attention of many consumers, and achieved rapid development. However, due to have launched this year the state purchase tax levy reduction, energy subsidies and other automobile consumption stimulus, the used car new car price advantage relative to the substantially reduced, combined with an endless stream of new models, new car market, the price war, a time used car market much pressure. However, there is always that second-hand car market several models, new car market to suppress fear, no matter how, always maintain a high sales volume. Today, Xiao Bian will introduce four continued selling second-hand models, to help you choose the time in the car. Volkswagen New Bora Po from the market, with its calm and elegant appearance, excellent performance of safety and comfort, excellent quality German-made Bora, by today's salt of the earth's favorite. Listed in the first year sales to exceed 5 million units in 2003 to face an endless stream of competitors, Bora with its "driver's car" to maintain the unique connotation of the momentum of rapid growth, sales 79,000 units, up 60% Polaris has grown into the mainstream of A-brand high-end cars and measure the value of a model for cars. In the nurture of Chinese consumers have become the measure of Polaris A-Class safety, power, quality, comfort and other aspects of the new standard, A class of new entrants to imitate and catch up with the reference target. FAW-Volkswagen also launched in October last year, the new Bora, FAW-Volkswagen is the most recent models by the attention. In the used car market, the Polaris has always been the business model will be received, the visibility of Polaris will be able to make it profitable resale, high preservation rate and good market reputation, the current second-hand car prices new Bora in 10-13 yuan price range on the high quality requirements and the requirements of certain consumer brands can be considered hand, continued the old section of the new Bora Bora smaller rear space common problem, so the best is a thirty-four who travel, or a couple of passion for traveling by car. Guangzhou Honda Accord Honda Accord has been in operation since 1976, eight generations of models, is the most important and automakers Honda sales one of the biggest cars. Accord, the English name ACCORD, in a sense, has to let the car power, fuel consumption and other properties of the meaning of harmony. This "harmony" philosophy was handed down from generation to generation. Because of the extensive use of the Accord in the country and twenty years of good reputation, introduced in 1990, Guangzhou Honda Accord made, even without the need to consider whether to take a good name that is also almost no advertising and promotional, but also in recent years made continuous Accord create a number of sales records and become well-known representatives of Japanese cars. In the second-hand car market, regardless of generation Accord models will be competing for the acquisition of second-hand car business models. Accord appearance of the atmosphere, there is a sense of power and visual impact, at the same level of used car is very eye-catching car. Accord purchase price the first year of the depreciation of about 8.4 fold, from the second year 15% annual depreciation. Shanghai Volkswagen Santana Santana 2000, reliable and stable, affordable, multi-service outlets, but also has a fatal weakness, that is, over the old model. Santana facelift in 2000 after two replacement long after the sale of discontinued during part 2 of this plastic surgery done, the engine has been changed Sancha, additional equipment, time and again, the name has become a 3000. It is still missed and fashion, but more like a simple, durable tools, rental companies, government departments with limited funds, there was a soft spot for old cars which individuals are loyal fans, more than 7,000 vehicles per month sales but also for those who have just listed a new car envy. Santana over the old model, in the new car market shrinking, but large, practical and adaptable to a number of advantages for its used car consumers favor for me. In the second-hand car market, Santana is still challenging the dominant, giving a buyer the seller no loss no loss no loss and then sell. Buy Santana in the first year price depreciation of about 8.8 fold, from the second year of 9% annual depreciation. Chery A3 A3 from the market beginning to hit the "five-star car A3 country proud," the slogan, and the 2010 full-line standard ESP, which is below the level of 10 million is a rare model, and also shows Chery manufacturers really and truly for the people's determination to create high-quality cars, in addition to standard ESP in addition, A3 also has 6 air bags and the whole car body is equipped with high-strength safety, the safety of the C-Ncap collision experiments is to obtain a five-star results, which in its own brand car is extremely rare. A3 luck in the new car market, marketing strategy issues and higher vehicle prices for consumers are generally not able to receive, so its performance in the second-hand car market is tepid, preserve and increase the rate of vehicles on the level of living in the middle, but Since the deployment of rich and quite competitive second-hand prices, A3, or a large part of groups by pro-gaze, some businesses like such a small business like all A3 models, due to the back of this fine car is not very ample space , also has 500L capacity of trunk space, so it is ideal for a family of three young white-collar family trips by car. Chery A3 is currently the second-hand price range between 60,000 to 70,000 yuan, about 2009 vehicles, mostly based, condition Condition newer.
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