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Audi used cars recommended products How to Make

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Late last year, Audi combines the previously released "AAA" used car business, officially launched the "Audi used cars recommended products" brand in China share the same platform with the global norms, Audi used car business, a comprehensive upgrade. January to November this year, FAW - Volkswagen Audi Audi used cars were sold in 5257, an increase of 104%, the volume of business the first among all brands. Car replacement rate of 10%, far ahead in the domestic auto market has become the preferred brand of high-end used cars. Integrity, professionalism to assure the seller The first step in the acquisition of used cars, test assessment, Audi used cars for products recommended by "reasonably priced, the process transparent, caring service" feature. Consumers can experience the whole process of test evaluation, the evaluation process transparent. First of all, by highly trained Audi technicians will test technology and the seller of the vehicle the appearance of testing, on this basis, then use the residual value of vehicles Audi assessment of national network computing system, the seller to provide objective and reasonable assessment of the vehicle price. Assessment process can be done about 30 minutes, testing after completion of the evaluation, but also for the seller to provide professional assessment and maintenance recommendations to explain. After a professional inspection of professional and transparent, objective and reasonable assessment of pricing, price negotiations succeed, the sellers simply handed Audi vehicle dealers and related procedures, after the transfer procedure can be complicated by the Audi dealer sole agent, save time and effort. If the terms of use of replacement services, but also the old and new vehicles can achieve a seamless transition. Replacement contract that is signed, the consumer and the Audi dealer in the mutually agreed time, the existing vehicle to the Audi dealer while driving can be purchased from the Audi dealer new vehicle home, free to achieve new and used vehicles joint replacement. Professional services to buyers comfortable On the other hand, recommended the purchase of goods used Audi car, new car customers can enjoy the same customer with the reception. Audi goods sales consultants recommended an authorized dealer will first explain in detail to the buyer the technical condition of vehicles, and provide test drive service, so that buyers can understand the real situation of all vehicles, and also returned two days to enjoy the right car . The Once purchased, after the transfer of vehicle ownership, insurance, consumer credit and other procedures may be full by the Audi dealer agent, replacing the tired to run around the entire purchase process easy and pleasant, but also enjoy the same with the Audi new car sales service, such as 24 hour rescue service; vehicle insurance services, insurance and extended repair; replacement car services, will also receive an additional year or 20,000 km warranty.
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