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Policy under the guidance of second-hand car market to mature when

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Good policy is guided by stimulating new cars, used car market, has been showing a rising trend. But I did not expect that near the end of the year in the time of the new year of good New Deal has yet to launch, as traffic congestion, Beijing came the upcoming implementation of a series of inhibition of vehicle ownership in the New Deal of the rumors. But most we did not really think this rumor will be a new car, used-car market to a new round of blowout. Is: has been irritation by various favorable policies to guide buyers of new cars, used car market, pushed to one after another high point. When near the end of the year in the new year of good New Deal has yet to launch, but as traffic congestion, Beijing came the upcoming implementation of a series of inhibition of vehicle ownership in the New Deal of the rumors. Not yet clear at the time of this policy, the capital of the people had boldly predicted a series of related programs, the most popular recent rumors to the number of "Beijing limited license rule blocking" and "the purchase of vehicles, Beijing accounts" two programs. This is also the capital of the automotive market at the end of the culprit blowout. Licensing restrictions governing the capital used-car market caused panic plugging Limited license block rule, by definition, with Shanghai as the number on the card through the vehicle restrictions restrain the purpose of vehicle purchases. And that is directly caused by motor vehicle license prices, and even means to issue a motor vehicle brands through auction. Shanghai motor vehicle license prices are now approaching 5 million, the price has become a car license spending, second only to the bare price of the second dominant factor. Because of this, Shanghai is the vehicle used car with the license transfer with transfer, the transfer price used car license is included in the price. If Beijing is also blocking the implementation of a limited license rule, then the transfer of used cars is also in conjunction with Shanghai as the purposes of license plates passed? If the same license plate through the implementation, then there are two more pressing problems to solve. One is currently in the hands of second-hand car dealer vehicle license plate price increases due to soaring all the way, which led to the used car market, although as with the hot new car market, but the source of second-hand car market cars are incredibly tight. Many members of the public for fear of license plates prices and not dare to sell cars. Such a deformity of the market led to the new car market intensified consumption of hunger, many off-season supply of adequate models have also played a booking to mention car; while used car prices also soaring, some prospective new car the past two years, in the used car market price has been close to the prices even more than the car naked. Another is the issue price brands, brands of motor vehicles in Beijing stipulates that any vehicle with more than 3 years in this grade, in selling cars, the owner may retain the brand. If the policy allows license plate can be traded, then do not break the high price a few years the capital will be the resurgence of trade plates. Beijing accounts cited the purchase of vehicles from outside controversy Beijing Party Secretary Liu Qi, the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Tenth Plenary Session of the speech, eight disclosed. Beijing city residence buyers, in addition to providing the original driver's license, proof of identity, etc., but also need to provide parking permits; each household to provide the driving population in the proof, can only buy a car; non-Beijing household buyers, in addition to providing the original temporary residence permits, housing permits, identity, etc., but also need to provide parking permits, more than 5 consecutive years in Beijing, labor and employment contracts, social insurance, proof of payment of vouchers and tax. Introduction of this policy, which greatly limits the field staff of the demand for cars in Beijing, thus further promoting the current car boom. The healthy development of automobile market policies needed to guide the rational As a political, economic, technological, educational and cultural center of Beijing, for the policy-making must be Jiner Cautious. In recent years, China's automobile market has just begun to develop in this immature market, policy plays a decisive role in the vane. Introduction of the policy must be the goal of sustainable development, continue to guide and support the market toward more mature, reasonable, and health aspects of development. China's automobile market in the current term is not yet mature and seller, whether or second-hand car market, car market, want to improve the market situation, the necessary condition is that the rise in vehicle population. The early inhibition of growth of vehicle population, will hinder the normal development of the market. On this we urge the Government to increase the attention focused on urban road planning, they must not only interim measures for the moment, causing the car market is not yet mature gradually deformed.
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