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Sang Dana 2000

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Car type: Car [buy] car brand: The masses

Color requirement: Car model: Sang Dana 2000

Travel demand: Oily bad news asks:

Homebred / entrance: Homebred car price: 3-4 10 thousand yuan

Change the name of owner in a register: Need browses a number: 141

Car condition:
Beg buy Sangdana 2000 or with level car, the individual is bought, indispensible change the name of owner in a register! Car condition is close friends, the need before change the name of owner in a register goes repairing factory check car besides! Other model is in 30 thousand the left and right sides also but

Full name: More than province: Hainan
Phone: 13876852484 cities: 3 inferior
E-MAIL fax:
Mobile phone: Q Q: 55289698
Postcode: Homepage:
Address: 3 inferior

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