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Be covered by 8 cars unexpectedly card love car encounters " cover a shop sign "

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There is number of a license plate and him unexpectedly beside BMW exactly like " twin " BMW, mr Yang with not young shock reports a case to the security authorities to the policeman then, after the policeman comes to the spot, very fast capture lived " plum ghost " .

Shenzhen car advocate colour the gentleman is done not have so lucky, his plate is in the whole nation actually by 8 cars " cover a shop sign " , and come 3 years, he already was received " the car that cover a shop sign " sheet is punished in the irregularity of countrywide each district many pieces 100...

Many cars advocate worry accordingly, if oneself car one day also by other " cover a shop sign " , how should do?

Cover a card to be not individual phenomenon

Go up a period of ten days of the middle of a month, luck installs Mr Che Youyang to install one village to handle affairs to luck, when his BMW oneself 730 when stopping a parking lot, discover actually on the side a BMW 530 cars and oneself license plate number exactly like. Mr Yang concludes oneself plate by others apply mechanically, signed up for instantly alarm. After local policeman reachs the spot, decide, BMW the license plate of 530 cars is forged, be opposite this lawfully " cover a shop sign " 530 cars carried out BMW to procrastinate from.

Compare with the lucky photograph of Mr Yang, of Shenzhen colour gentleman but " miserable " . From 2005 since, he already was received " the car that cover a shop sign " record in the irregularity of countrywide each district 100 for many times, face come from the countrywide each district such as Hainan, Zhejiang of 7 province different punish sheet, colour gentleman around appeal, informed against 150 times, but the problem still was not solved, finally, helpless colour the gentleman reached place tubal branch to tell a court.

Provide sectional introduction according to handing in, current, "The car that cover a shop sign " the phenomenon is in the throughout the country is very common. Develop in economy especially area, "The car that cover a shop sign " the phenomenon is more. Of and other places of Zhejiang, Jiangsu " the car that cover a shop sign " area of other of apparent prep above. For this, will rise on May 1 this year, management board of traffic of the Ministry of Public Security began by a definite date in the whole nation the traffic of card of experience of card of motor vehicle experience of 3 months violates act special punish works. As we have learned, will come 11 days on May 1 only, the whole nation investigates card of experience card experience to violate act 467 thousand cases, among them, use forge card of motor vehicle card to be as high as 15298 cases.

The cost that covers a shop sign is very low
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