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Own car look forward to is done do greatly strong be not buy a way only

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The tycoon that cross a state throws the weight below, may not is worn with respect to true carry secretly medicinal powder broken silver, what perhaps spent principal to be bought is only cannot digestive is giant the body.

The message hype that domestic media bought Woerwo of purpose to wide steam recently is ceaseless, it is to come out early or late more before this one steam, east wind, strange luck want to buy Woerwo.

Meanwhile, general the information that sells bold horse also makes home excited unceasingly, domestic car look forward to has intervened among them. With the bold that general avowed consideration sells Maxiang is compared, be denied to meet by Ford all the time the Woerwo that sell appears more make compatriots excited. Wide steam also is just about in this kind of exciting atmosphere, did not know to He Chongqu and coil. This two big true true and false are bought falsely case have a collective premise, be in namely transnational corporation step by step below the state of press hard on, no matter be oneself of domestic car look forward to or domestic public opinion, the enterprise does strongly hope mainland greatly at an early date strong. Be in this " strong look forward to " of wind emerge in moving, bought foreign well-known trademark to become one of important option then. But do make strong way greatly, far from buys a way optional; And, if connect general, Ford such " the old is Caesarean " the work that the enterprise enjoys not to turn, be still in can at first the indigenous industry of level transform a success certainly?

The reason of your people excitement, also cannot leave to go up of course what steam succeeds twice is abroad buy: ? of evil spirit Pan is in 2 Huan of  of  of  of bald  of admonish of ⒐  turn on the road of strong look forward to, on of steam abroad buy the successful evidence with come round to look to have truly certain from eye, we also hope brand of these two international can be in on revive in the hand of steam. But of the brand reviving is by no means result of 35 years can of be successful, the end that buys is by no means for scene of 35 years more. In the meantime, the success of steam is not meant on abroad be being bought is a golden light highway certainly, suit all wanting that do to do strong business greatly. Otherwise, general, Ford also won't sell work laboriously contest to buy the brand that come.

Think of from this, from cross a state at present in light of the development state of affairs of car look forward to, of the United States and Japanese enterprise live circumstances is widely divergent, some closer year development way is old also different. General, Ford buys the car brand of each country inside limits all over the world, this Feng Tian, Tian Zeyi road slow and steady, the core competition ability that defends oneself is done ceaselessly strong, in order to obtain a breakthrough, so that living instantly is begged in order to sell property in general, Ford, feng Tian even rein in footstep, lest once exceed,be divided general after acquiring global old position and a variety of brought risks. Think be enlightened is used when must selling those the brand with Ford disconcerted shape, with at the outset the heroic bearing photograph that ground of high-spirited and vigorous buys in a large-scale is compared, it is the miserable photograph of what kind.
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