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Ji of some oily secret does not rely on chart

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Section oily Great Master says, ji of section oily secret is completely on him foot. Some methods " earthly person knows " . For instance new car should have been adjusted, start fasten beetle-crusher, litre block careful step on the gas, the attention maintains regularly etc. It is not difficult to say, these operation everybody can be accomplished; It is difficult to say, every correct operation is whole only an action type in covering a region, a complete combination just can achieve an oily goal truly, the thoroughly tempered in this lean common practice must come.
These section oily classics do not rely on chart

Car of former terrestrial heat has vintage engine to just need car of former terrestrial heat only, present car needs car of former terrestrial heat far from. Accurate method is hair motor-car after 15 seconds, idle fast travel, make a car slow a paragraph of distance comes to fast travel the warm up that finish, water Wen Da can cheer travel normally to 40 ℃ , also can save many fuel so. Car of long former terrestrial heat can raise oily cost, and long idle fast with idle fast condition issues moving air conditioning to consume fuel especially.

Block low speed high to cannot take shift gears to be a standard with speed, block start, after Che Qi is moved, change immediately 2 block, 25 change to 30km 3 block, 35 change to 40km 4 block, 45 change to 50km 5 block, carry equably fast, avoid by all means is fast step on the gas. Put an end to block low speed high, such travel can make oily bad news is worth 45 % normally more than.

High speed opens a window ventilated for item oil, adopt high speed to shut air conditioning to open the method with car ventilated window to cannot be taken very much. When 60km/h of speed prep above when, the wind block after opening a window uses up the fuel more that uses up than air conditioning system, it can make fuel economy index falls 10 % . In addition, adornment of car giving love is excessive, increase meaningless load to also can raise oily cost, every increase the load of 10kg to be able to raise the oily cost of 1% , the car is so friendly people should arrange mothball compartment constantly, clear thing of a few unused go out, let take part in a battle with light packs love a car.

Comment on: These practices must not try, it won't let you save oil not only, still can raise oily cost, damage vehicle.

These methods are open to question

Declivous do not give oil uphill to oil " accelerator closes when some people are declivous, be in however uphill when step on the gas, be being done so actually compare excessive consumption of fuel and oil. " 10 thousand force say Hangzhou section oily a courtesy title used to address a Buddhist monk: "Because uphill resistance is great, right now fierce step on the gas is met very excessive consumption of fuel and oil. My practice is, declivous when cheer, use declivous those who quicken is inertial climb slope, general and declivous crossed 1/2 to be about to quicken. And uphill when little step on the gas, can save oil so. Can save oil so..
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