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"3 ask " city of Olympic Games car has whose savor after all benefit

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The Olympic Games came, the echo in car city is worn popular " Olympic Games solo " , let a person feel however " all are mute " doleful; Agency people depreciate the cry out of sales promotion, what let a person feel inventory pressure falls however is helpless groan; The Olympic Games is restricted to go the brief influence that control carries to content shedding, the heat model of ministry disjunction goods increases price sadly, do not know to return whether the appetite of condole sufficient consumer; Dazzling Olympic Games commemorates edition model, can changing true gold silver still is stunt; The enthusiasm of the Olympic Games whether break up car city in the sky diffuse " SARS air " and " early winter chill " ? Pressure of the defeat below exalted oil price, stock market, natural disaster, inflation, " antitrust law " , component loses a lawsuit, consumption tax is adjusted, car city " hibernate is talked " ... the car city that lets 8 years is full of sealed variable, the car city that also lets an Olympic Games more complicated and confusing!

Who says the masses is " does be out of pocket earn cry out " ?

Regard the exclusive car of this second Beijing Olympic Games as the sponsor, the masses already was reached to exceed 6000 Olympic Games car to offer at every turn the business affairs activity of millions of expense spends money like water however " be very happy with it " . According to the estimation inside course of study, although dig divides the cost fare that offers many 6000 new car to be as high as a few yuan not to calculate, see the cost of all sorts of business affairs activities only, people group and Shanghai masses, one steam masses has been thrown into number with 100 million plan cash. Nevertheless the personage inside course of study also can oppugn this to plant " serious run is not sold again " a huge sum is devoted, whether can finish the promotion of brand value, masses car falls whether finally break money to earn cry out.

"3 ask " city of Olympic Games car has whose savor after all the home of benefit car

The author thinks however, sale does not make a brand certainly, and the success of a brand cannot leave sale however. A successful brand is representing the character that can trust, the public praise of consumer, more representing higher excessive price capacity, stronger fight control capacity. Car city environment the more complex, competition is the more intense, the value protruding of the brand must be added more now apparent. Can say, in " bovine city " the dot that the brand is a manufacturer metals and stone-a symbol of hardness and strength, be in " Xiong Fu " the amulet that the brand is a manufacturer. Below the pressure that rises in cost then, the joint ventures such as this the abundant cropland department of outstanding achievement rise steeply, cropland department as before put on a false show of peace and prosperity; And downstream or catenary of industry of body part automobile is add the company of blame mainstream car with not high cost feels chill, incessantly of complain of suffering.
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