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Abundant field people replaces general Ford China to become market strong point

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Accompanying the tall look forward to of oil price, to it of the natural rule that direct and relevant automobile industry is experiencing superior bad discard sadly " baptism " . Because the dominant position is held on model and global strategy,

Feng Tian is become again bibcock

According to " Japanese economy news " will report on July 25, japanese Feng Tian Motor Corporation was snatched the 2nd times from inside hand of American global company with near 280 thousand sales volume advantage " the whole world is the greatest car distributors " throne. Rise what be in Asia and middle east area with abundant field company to be compared successively, the severe double image that global company got world economy worsens is noisy, its sell ceaseless atrophy native landly in the United States.

Nevertheless, although abundant field company ensured grow impetus, but the sale foreground as a result of North America, Europe and Japanese home is not hopeful, the personage inside course of study thinks potential energy of this kind of actor is denied holding the end of the year still is unknown.

23 days of sale outstanding achievement of general motors company that announce make clear, the global sales volume first half of the year gives now to slip this year, total sales volume is four million five hundred and forty-four thousand and ninety, suffer global economy to glide and the be a burden on of oil price tall look forward to, its are in the outstanding achievement of North America market particularly how terrible. To it contrary, motor Corporation wants the Feng Tian of data of cloth of same the ruler of heaven hopeful a lot of, it grew 2% compared to the same period to the car sales volume June in January this year, always sell a number to also achieve four million eight hundred and seventeen thousand nine hundred and forty-one, surpass general motors company successfully, become the overlord of automobile industry.

Feng Tian expressed a few days ago, suffer the effect of international big environment, this company predicts the whole world this year sale target is reduced from 9.85 million reach 9.5 million. But, its are burgeoning the demand of the market continues to grow strong, especially China, Russia and Brazil.

Field company ever was in abundant to snatched laurel of first of global sales volume from inside hand of general motors company first half of the year 2007, but good times don't last long, general motors company is being become stage a come back of year of the end of the year, recover lost territory. Nevertheless, " Japanese economy news " think, if of general motors company low confuse a state to cannot get improvement, so Feng Tian Motor Corporation is become the possibility of champion of annual sales volume is very large 2008.
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