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Coaxial is apart from argue: Rong Wei 550/ considers region / space of ease of a

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Wheelbase, often be car friend thinks when buying a car one of important parameter of the space inside the car,

We part from the car inside fore-and-aft and transverse with the height inside the car and boot 4 respects think.
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The basic measure of 3 cars

External dimension

Consider region

Rong Wei 550

Xuan Yi

Long / wide / tall (Mm)




Wheelbase (Mm)




Fore-and-aft space behaves: Xuan Yi > thinks of region > Rong Wei 550
In front of: Rong Wei of the > that consider region 550 > Xuan Yi
Back row: Xuan Yi > thinks of region > Rong Wei 550

Most person can think the space of 550 behaves Rong Wei best, but why is the fact such?

Interior space

Consider region

Rong Wei 550

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